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  1. Not THIS idea again.... Too old. Too slow. Too short. Too expensive. What about these facts make you want this guy again? Oh yea, I forgot.....nostalgia. Just say no to nostalgia. Say yes to youth, speed and hunger.
  2. If someone told you at the end of the 2004 season that Bradway could turn the #26 and #57 picks into (realisticly): Doug Jolly TE Antajj Hawthorne DT Brandon Browner CB And Two Sixth Round Picks. If anyone told us this could hapen at the end of last season, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would be creaming into our panties, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a Pats Troll, plain and simple.
  3. There is absolutely NO NEED for Bradway to trade up at this stage: He can very realisticly get DT A. Hawthorne at #47 and CB Brandon Browner at #57. That means that the GM so many here despise turned our #1 (#26) and #2 (#57) picks into: --Anttaj Hawthorne DT - Likely Starter by 2006/Contibutor in 2005 --Brandon Browner CB -- Likely Starter by 2006/#3 CB in 2005 (behind Strait and Barrett). --Doug Jolly TE - Immediate Starter in 2005 .....and two Depth Picks/Projects in Round #6!!! If you told me a GM could turn two picks into three starters and two depth p
  4. I like the trade, think we gave up little to gain potentially alot, especially much needed depth. Jolly is a huge upgrade over Becht and Baker (who will still get some time I think), and he is relatively affordable for the next three years. I think the team has/had someone (or a small group of someones) targeted speficially that they felt they could still get at #47, but would have been a reach at #26. Hence the trade down without fear. And I am all for getting all the mid-to-low round picks you can. Lets you play the odds game much better, figuring you have better odds of finding at l
  5. At #47 -- DT Anttaj Hawthorne (6'3" 321 - Wisconsin) OR DT Luis Castillo (6'3" 305 - Northwestern) And at #57 -- CB Brandon Browner (6'3" 220 - 4.60 Forty - Oregon State) OR CB Bryant McFadden (6'0" 195 - 4.46 Forty - Florida State) If we get some combination of these 4 players at our two seconds, does that seem acceptable? Possible? Good even? What say you? EDIT: And perhaps add in the third....FS Kerry Rhodes (6'3" 210 - 4.50 Forty - Louisville)
  6. Now THIS is dissapointing. Not only have we allowed the top Free Agnt CB's to slip past us (like Smoot), we now have missed a perfect opportunity to provide flexabillity to our upcoming draft. I defended the Jolly deal with the expectation that Dyson would indeed be signed. It was the lynchpin to opening up this draft for us. This is damn dissapointing. Guess we're going CB at #47 now no matter what else is on the board. What other options do we have, with Abe likely to retire, Strait too inexperienced, Mickens too sucky and nothing else on the roster worth mentioning.
  7. No worries....SOMEONE is going to reach on Jones. Maybe even the Redskins at #25 (Jones has "Dan Snyder Drool" written all over him).
  8. Where to start... Fan Reaction = Meaningless Dyson = Important Signing, if Bradway misses on him, then we can complain some IMO. You think Jolly is worse than 24 other teams Starting TE?? No way man, he's not even close to that bad, talent OR production wise. Miller may not be there at #26. Miller could still be there at #47. Neither you nor I know for sure. And more important, we don;t know if they ever even WANTED Miller at ANY pick. Yes, Jolly being a quality TE (in my opinion of course) and starting on day one and producing is worth moving down from #
  9. For the last time: We did NOT trade our #1 for Jolly. We traded our #1 (and a #7) for Jolly, a Middle #2 and two #6's. That is world of difference. And the Bengals were desperate to get rid of your RB too.
  10. So Miller is your guy, eh? Maybe he will be there at 26, no guarantee though. And certainly no guarantee that he could start day 1, or even season 1. But if we sign Dyson, as it seems more likely we might, does that imply we (i.e. Bradway, Herm, Hendu) prefer Dyson over Miller, or any other 1st Round (#26 or later) CB talent? Is the Jets F.O. allowed (in your view) to prefer Dyson as the starter alongside Barrett?
  11. Well, the Pats should know about third stringers....your #1 RB was one when YOU traded for him. And likely the deal would NOT have been available on draft day. What makes you think so surely that the Jets COULD have waited? Yes, Bradway has to nail the 2 2nds and the 6th for this deal to be good, granted. As for the Nats....first place (tie) Baby! At least for today. LOL!
  12. What a Florid reply..... How about NOT ignoring the hard questions. As I said: So WHO then Tom, in your view, was the right guy at #26, the guy Bradway should have stay'd put for? Who is the rookie at #26 who will outproduce (by himself) Doug Jolly, the #47 Pick and both our new 6th Rounders. Who is THAT guy, in your view?
  13. Odd.....I wonder why? I thought I'd been a good boy lately. Wow, not even a warning or a note letting me know.
  14. So WHO then Tom, in your view, was the right guy at #26, the guy Bradway should have stay'd put for? Who is the rookie at #26 who will outproduce (by himself) Doug Jolly, the #47 Pick and both our new 6th Rounders. Who is THAT guy, in your view?
  15. Odd.....I can't get there at all, not even the hompage. Oh well....
  16. Guess you're in the "Dan Snyder School of Drafting" then, eh? Sure....we should have given up a #2 this year and our #1 and #2 and #2 next year to MOVE up to #15 right? So we can draft Jones, the workout-wonder'in QBTEWRSuper-Stud Mamula of the Year, right? Naaaaaa......I know you guys. It doesn't matter WHAT moves or Picks our team makes....you're gonna hate them no matter what. As I've said before, it must REALLY suck hating the team you claim to love.
  17. So he started more than half the games in 2005, led all TE"s in Catches, Yards and TD's, yet you still try to say he wasn;t the starter. Riiiiiight. Hell, if that worthless scrub of a Raiders coach want's rid of him, THAT ALONE makes me think he's a good player. Having lived through a few years down here of this guy as Skins coach, I KNOW he has no idea of player quality whne he is the H.C.
  18. Jolly makes the team better because he is better than ANY TE prospect would be, "Health" Miller included. While Miller may be a good one one day, he is coming off a severe injury and is not going to be a factor in 2005. And we want to win NOW, not later. And how in the world can you say Bradway has LESS pressure. He isn;t being judged by how "cool" e drafts. He's being judged by how many WINS we get, same as Herm. He could draft 15 completely unknown AFL players, but if those players get us into the Super Bowl, he's done his job. HYPE. That is what Jets fans want. At least
  19. And Maybe one day Jets fans WON'T be Melodramic, Over-reacting Hype-hog Whiners, eh? Anything is possible, right?
  20. Just out of curiosity, and with no intention of causing or adding to the Un-Civil War, but has anyone else been unable to get on JI today?
  21. First: Not nearly "every fan" was calling for LB. Plenty were calling for other posiitons. Nice re-write of fan history there. Second: Hobson was hurt, not benched. And if Brown DID beat him out via quality of play, who got Brown on the team for cheap. That's right....Bradway. Jets Fans = Melodramic Over-Reaction and Self-Loathing. God, I would hate to go through my life hating the team I claim to love.
  22. He wasn't the starter? Really, you sure about that? If he wasn't the #1 TE, how did he end up 4th on the team in Catches (behind 3 WR's) and 1st among TE's. And he was 3nd on the Team in Recieving TD's (with 2). Was Teyo Johnson and his 9 catches the starter?
  23. Why the hell would you assume "Fear of a Possible Bust" would be the motivating factor behind this trade????? What a rediculous position to take IMO. How about "making your team better immediately" as a reason, eh? Jolly makes the TE position much much much better in the oassing game RIGHT NOW, not later. And I GUARANTEE the Jets are targeting a guy for their first poick they felt would be a reach at #26, but still available at #47, hence NO LOSS in trading down!!! I just don;t get it. Every Jets fan seems to automatically assume our F.O. has no clue and must be ACTIV
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