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  1. Guessing three, pretty standard. Two is slightly risky but uncommon, 4 an absolute waste of a roster spot (generally). #1 Sanchez (Undisputed World Heavyweight Starter) #2 Brunell (Knows his role) #3 McElroy (Future knows his role) Done and done.
  2. I fully support BIg Cat Ellis being a Jet in 2011. IF the price is right. Thats always the killer, the kicker, with aged veterans. We Fans love them, and want them to stay and pay out their career with us, but they (the player) realize they have VERY limited momey-making time left in them......and they want to play too, not be depth, after a career of starting. For them, going to "Insert Bad Desperate Team Here" for more money and promices of playing time....means alot. Hard to fault them for leaving, hard to fault us for not wanting to pay much for diminishing performance. C
  3. A Classic, so Floydian it hurts: And another classic, of a different strips. So win.
  4. Did I ever tell you I once ran a 4.68 40? In High school, at 6'5" 285. Maybe I picked the wrong sport, playing baseball. Shoulda been a Tight End.
  5. No worries, just not in on all the JN in-jokes as yet.
  6. Radiohead, best band since Pink Floyd. I'm very much in a "Black Mountain Army" frame of mind these days, listening to many of the bands made up of members of Black Mountain. For example, Lightning Dust:
  7. Why not? Very late 7th round pick, the odds of getting a stud are miniscule. The guy is our Franchize QB's best friend, and clearly has chemistry with the guy. Thats never bad. His measureables aren't world beaters, to be sure, but thats hardly a huge killer in the late 7th. He's a shot int he dark pick for the relation to Sanchez, and the idea that having his bff on the squadmight help Sanchez continue to develop, or at worst give Sanchez a guy to play #4 WR/Slot and use as "know where he'll be" escape option. Worst case, he sucks, and he gets cut. So what, most 7th's f
  8. Best not to rush to judge any pick or player, till we see how they play and act as a professional for a bit. Part of the trouble (IMO) with the hype of the draft these days is the rush to judgement. First by the media (who love a juicy story), then by Draft Know-it-alls (who are generally wrong 85% of the time, yet claim expert status), then by the Fans who not0unreasonably read all this stuff and react accordingly.
  9. 2011 New York Jets Offseason Activity ---------------GAINS---------------- Jets hire Tom Moore (Former Colts), as Offensive Consultant. Free Agency: Santonio Holmes (WR) - URFA agrees to terms, 5 year/$50 million (Resigned) Plaxico Buress (WR) - URFA agrees to terms, 1 Year/$3 Million Derrick Mason (WR) - URFA signed (From Baltimore) Keith Zinger (TE) URFA signed, from Atlanta Mark Brunell (QB) - Released, then Resigned Wayne Hunter (OL) - URFA agreed to terms, 4 year/$13 million (Resigned) Robert Turner - (OL) - RFA agreed to terms, terms unknown (Resigned)
  10. Yeah, havn't posted on much besides Politics of late. But yeah.
  11. Very Cool! I really hope you enjoy it, was one of the best I've read of late, and won an absolute metric poopton of Sci-Fi Book awards. If you enjoy it, I suggest following it up with his collection of short-stories: One cool think about this guy, he's really just started. Unlike so many of the greatest Sci-Fi writers (most now long-dead), this guy has the potential to write for a while, and has the talent to write at a high level. Be nice to have a corrent-era writr to follow, I'm so used to back-catalog filling of dead guys for my Sci-Fi fun.
  12. I know at least one Moderator who'd be happy to do so...oh, wait, this ISN'T JI. My bad, although who knows, may be a Fish-hater (or ten) here as well. No worries.
  13. Love this tune too of late, an oldy from an obscure (but good) Sci-Fi Flick.
  14. Still rocking (if rocking is appropriate given the mellow tones) to the new Radiohead Album, "King of Limbs". Amazingly good stuff, in you're into that sort of thing. Also chilling to this obscurity:
  15. Topic says it all. Want some good old porn, without having to pay, or worry that every click is putting a half-down malwatre and vitus files on my PC. /sad Warfish is sad, Wife is away....
  16. I'll go unabashed fanboi for once, I love it thus far. Sure, I wouldn't cry if they returned to some of the Guitar-driven brilliance of earlier efforts more often (ever?), but they are what they are. I'll always want more Pink Floyd in my Radiohead, but thats just me. Yorke is a brilliant mellow voice who loved techno-esque tunage. Greenwood has all but abandoned being a "Guitarist" for being a soundscape creator, and the rest of the band seem quite happy going along withthat, especially Selway who is a top-end percussion arranger. But iupon the first few listens it is a dee
  17. I am pleased. New Radiohead. Only thing better would be new Floyd....and well, thats not going to happen. Add this to my new Black Mountain and new Iron & Wine discs, and it's a very VERY good time for me, musically speaking. I am a happy man.
  18. Love the idea. Always have. Anything that reduced meaningless exibition games and replaces them with games that count = improvement. The average full time every-down player would average, over the course of the 20 weeks of an NFL Pre/Season, a grand total of 2-3 plays per week more in an 18 game seson than a 16 game season. 2 plays/week. The real joke is Pre-Season, meaningless unneccessary exibition games. Teams don't "need" that time, not with all the OTA's, mincamps and training camp. It's aunneeded luxury used to milk fans for half-asses shoddy proct. One thing c
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