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  1. Safest bet I've placed in years tbh. Thank God, I'm usually ok with the Steelers, but I wanted them crushed this time round.
  2. The entire thing is a lolfest IMO. Half of Jets Fandom were actively rrooting against Martin to get in. So no cause for shock he didn't. I also have to express my hatred for the "percieved" difference between "first Ballot" and "seconf thru whatever ballot". It's such a joke, a guy either IS or ISN'T a Hof'er, he doesn't get better or worse between voting years. The way it should work, is wait 10 years, you get ONE shot only, period. Unlimited allowables per year (no arbitrary 5 or 6 max/year). No voting to determine finalists, just a list of every player eligible that year,
  3. It's low on my priority scale tbh (or was, before I was married). Hair Color, style and length Eyes, and whats behind them General Face Features General Body Shape (nothing specific, this is just "curvy" vs. "beanpole", with so many of today's "Hot" girls being formless stickfigures...) I like a nice a$$, tit or length of leg as much as the next guy, but my prefs have always been higher up on the female form I spose.
  4. Insert almost mandatory snarky "Your Mom" reply.
  5. I agree with this. We're certain to lose a few high-profilers, perhaps both WR's, and almost surely Smith (who someone will overpay). But I'm betting at least two of the 4 "big name" Free Agents probably get retained, likely Cro, one of the WR's, and Harris, in that order. Jets don;t have a lot of picks, and (best as I've heard) not a ton of capspace even if guys like Ghost are dumped. Generally, we're in pretty solid shape. I'd cal this offseason a re-tooling. It's only a rebuild when large swatches of team need replaced, often starting with HEad Coach, QB, and entire
  6. No complaints from me, as long as he is not the primary back. Greene McKnight L.T. In that order. Even if Rex has to jam a pen in Shottys eye to make it happen.
  7. Warfish

    Road House

    +1 on love for "Road House". Great cheese-flick. Cheesy, cheesy goodness.
  8. Aye, a clear case of getting a pass due to extenuating circumstabnces.
  9. I preface this with the fact that I neither live in New York (havn't in 20 years), nor do I attend games. As a fan of the team, I have trouble finding much to fault with Woody thus far. He spends freely, allows his professionals to make decisions, even risky ones, and has faith in the guys he hires. He doesn't seem to over-react, good or bad, has a solid level-keel, and is focussed on long-term competativeness, not the "win now at all costs" mentallity. Perhaps it's because I watched the Hess product as long as I did, or because I live in Dan Snyder Country, but I quite like Woody
  10. Really? It's not even the best Megadeth album So Far, So Good, So What?? >> Rust in Peace I always lol at how much disdain there is for So Far..., because it's such a good classic metal album, and yet so much of the cheesey Countdown to Extinction style pop-metal that came after gets all the love. But I have to admit up front, I've alwasy been a Metallica > Megadeth guy, and generally (in my experiences) a guy likes either one or the other alot, very rarely both equally.
  11. Forgive my ignorance, but "deal"? Did they resign the Ghost for 2011 and I missed the news? If so, I can only assume they still think he has potential (lord knows why at this point) or are too stubborn to admit their mistake. That, or if he took alot less money, they simply accept he's a JAG who fills a depth hole on the roster at best. If you're talking his original deal, well......even the best make mistakes from tiem to time. Clearly Ghost was a mistake, although in fairness, he is a mistake just about every GM in the NFL probably would have made at that pick for that yea
  12. Given how much I love music, and how passionate I am about a number of bands with long resumes, the "best album" question is something of a tough one. As a Pink Floyd devotee, it'd perhaps be expected I'd go the predictable "Dark Side...", but no. It's a great album, but not my personal favorite. For me, I'd have to go with "Wish You Were Here" by the Floyd. More atmospheric, mellow, deep and thoughtful (IMO). Also an amazing disk to both relax to, and well....do other things to. Outside of a greatest hits package (and the Floyd double-disk GH set is a good representation), W
  13. Best of luck to you friend. Speaking of aspiring models, I think I may sit next to one in my (lol) Community Colleg class. She is, simply put, stunning. Better yet, she seems to have a penchant for 80's style "tights and a waist-length sweater" that amply displays her legs for one and all. Given how girl-poor my last few classes have been, I must admit, the scenery is a welcome change of pace, especially given the dreadfully boring nature of the class (a requisite I somehow missed first time through).
  14. Temporary hiring to meet short-term increases (or percieved increases) in demand are common, and have been for ages. It's not new or unique at all, in fact a decade ago I got one of my first "real" jobs due to a merger of companies that resulted in a hiring boom for the perceived need of the new post-merger company to meet the demands of the now joined customer base. Sometimes they are permanenet (if you do a good job of course), many times they are temporary/short-term. But almost always the hires know going in what the story is. I feel for those who now find themselves unemployed, th
  15. I hope so. I'd like to see Martin get in on the first ballot. But given the desdain for him within our own fanbase, combined with his lack of bravado and media-whoring during and after his career, I have my doubts he'll get in on the first try. Or maybe even the second or third. Sadly, I fear an Art Monk style situation with Martin. The longer it goes, the more reasons (excuses?) folks will find not to put him in.
  16. You snipe more than anyone I know Tyler. As if my very existence on JI/JN pains you. Dear Lord, relax and move on. I'm just a plain old poster now, here and there, so get over whatever issues you think you have, and lets talk sports, or music, or Ireland (where I'll be this October), of whatever boats your float. If you're planning on holding some kind of grudge, I assure you, you'll be holding it alone.
  17. I'd have to go dig up the original calculation thread..elsewhere..but I am not wrong. When all the numbers are tabulated up, it's 2-3 plays a week extra over the course of the 20 weeks of play. And thats for a full-game plays-every-down Starter. And it's coming, it's a done deal, the Unions only objection is as a chip in the greater deal-negotiations. So those against it really only have two choices. Watch the games as always, or vote their beliefs, their lack of support, with their only real power, their wallets, and refuse to pay anything towards games 1 and 2 of the new 18-game s
  18. A brilliant point. If the Players Union were fighting for lifetime medical coverage, I'd be all in support of that. They earn it, and thats the kind of benefit a Union like theirs should be fighting for, for current AND retired players. And honestly, I could really care less how much the players/owners get, let them fight that out like every other management/union does. But being against the 18 game schedule is (IMO) just a laugh. We did the numbers a long while back when it was first proposed, for the average NFL full time starter, an 18/2 would result (on average) in somethin
  19. Not at all, actually. But the Owners have the same inherant right to negotiate and persue their desires as the Union does, do they not? To you, I guess not. The Owners "make" the NFL Product. The Players and the laundry are the product. What slice would make you happy, exactly? What slice is "fair", specificly? I'm not in management myself, but yes, "it's" working out just fine for me. If "it's" not for you, I'm sorry to hear that. From your angry tone, it sounds like you're suffering, and for that I can only wish you better luck. Sorry you'
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