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  1. 1. Jets Superbowl in New York 2. Nothing, only #1 matters. Location optional. Honestly, couldn't care less about other sports, generally. I'm an NFL man. Now, if we were talking concerts...
  2. As a poster, I'd pay you Revis Money. For that sig pic (a classic) alone!
  3. Great exchange SMC. Obviously we're at an opinion impasse, but it's been fun getting there. We can agree to disagree on many of these points, as (clearly) the Owners and Players currently disagree. Ha ha, I'm an owner, you're just a lousy player.....probably Gholston. You ARE Ghost, aren't you! Don't bother to deny it. Get a sack, then tell me how much I should pay you, eh? I will touch on this though....it never ceases to amaze me the "ownership" fans impose on Sports. I can' think of any other business where the customers would be so flippantly demandin
  4. I know....but it's the only way I can keep my thoughts strait as I answer each point. Sorry dude. Yes, it does. Which shows that the actual product, Stadium/Beer/Food/Parking amounts to not nearly so much, as the market gets weaker, costs grow by leaps and bounds, and less and less folks pony up for tickets and the other in-person revenue. Agree to disagree. A football Players is not special, anymore than any other rare-skillset person is. The athlete is not, in fact, the product. The game is. There is a meaningful difference. Toss every player in the NFL out t
  5. Because everyone has a slice now, there is no inherant requirement for competition between the networks. The deal they have now may increase slightly next round, but it will not increase as it has in the past. This isn't my opinion, this is direct from those who cover sports media, /shrug. No, no source link sadly, radio reporting a while back... Every Industry described as a service? Or Entertainment? Or Consulting? Need I go on? Well, you keep ranting on about "profits" as if they're bad, or owners are somehow immoral for wanting them bigger. These are your w
  6. They also face record costs, a down economy, ongoing reductions in ticket sales due to TV, a TV contract that is as good as it's going to get, and the end ofthe era of the publicly finances stadium. Tell me, what % of revenue do the players get today? Tell me, what other industries do the employees get a similar percentage of gross revenue? As Players Unions, in all sports (expecially baseball) have been willing to do for ages. Indeed. It's the ONE issue I find no support for the owners, who should understand the rising tide raises all ships. The p
  7. So? It's always interesting how when "labor" collectively bargains (extorts crazy salaries and benefits), it's a great thing. When management does it, it's evil bad mean collusion! Boo urns! The owners have every right to want a better deal too. Even if their desires are stupid (and I think they are, sports is teh one spot where Communism and Wealth sharing truly works for all involved). The players got more than a good enough deal as it is, 95% of them would be cutting meat at Kroger's without the NFL, or (for quite a few of them) in jail for dealing dope in hood. For
  8. No BS, truly. I clicky, no friendy-friendy.
  9. Ok, so new forum, new bells and whistles, and I'm obviously a nub. Someone wants to friend me apparently, I got a notification saying so. But when I click the thing and go to "manage friends" there is nothing to approve. I iz cunfuzid. Alos, what are these "friends" of which you all speak? Are these people who I can ban, edit or play with for my own amusement? Someone help me, the grumpy curmedungeon recluse, with this odd and unusual concept.
  10. Was a marathon today, good stuff. Although not as good as the blond chick from "Storage Wars". Shes rather "ugh", but oddly appealing.
  11. Indeed they can When I drop a 150 mm round through their a$$.
  12. Warfish


    I like LT just fine. But he's clearly not the future. And he clearly wore down and was of reduced reliabillity/productivity down the stretch in 2010. I may be in a small minority here, but I would be VERY excited to see a 2011 RB Corps of: #1 Greene (50%) #2 McKnight (40%) #3 Connor (FB, 5%) #4 Chauncy Washington (Backup/5%) I know McKnight turned off ALOT of fans early, but I (and I think Tanny and Rex) have some faith the kid is the real deal as a #1B/#2 RB. And I loved what I saw from Washington in the pre-season, that passion and energy cannot be faked. He'
  13. Not neccessarily. If he's willing to come back for the Minimum salary, as a depth D-Lineman option, I think there is a chance Rex and Tanny would retain him. I know. But I'm not convinced he'll be dumped till I see the press release saying it's a done deal. Given our D-line today, as it stands, I'm not sure he wouldn't be kept simply as a warm body to hold a roster spot. Both Tanny and Rex can (at times) be stubborn over draft picks they made. Rex may yet think he can "fix" the Ghost into something productive. /wait and see.....
  14. A....dancing game? /facepalm. Be a man. Drive a Tank.
  15. Went to buy the 75 Watter, but it was so stunningly loud, and I'm just a crappy bedroom no-talent wanker, I downgraded to the 30 Watt. It's still way louder than I need, lol. I like it thus far, as "average run of the mill craptastic guitarist wanna-be" all the effects, amp modes and such are fun, interesting, and most importantly, keep me playing as I run through them all. Decent distortion noises, alwasy fun since power chords are so easy. Lots of fun psycho-delic modulation and delay effects, for that sitting in the dark alone in space spacey goodness riffage. And the price wa
  16. As with every season, I am very much looking forward to watching the Jets play their next Campaign, win or loss, failure or success. It's such a part of my life to watch the Jets, root them on, and live in the community of fellow fans, I could never want there to be no football. Obviously success is better and more fun, but I'd rather watch a losing season and enjoy every game, than have no football.
  17. Tell me, seen any pretty girls in class lately? I have.
  18. No shock, really. New York vs. Chicago would have been the big-money game. Green Bay is a Zzzzzzfest nationally, and the Steelers (yet again) have a great fanbase, but...yeah, Steeler. Again. Zzzzzzzz. No big cities. No big (truly big) name stars (The QB;s being it really), few real personalities (Ward? Polo-hairdo? lol, no) and few storylines of any interest. Sums up as a Snoozefest, in terms of National Interest outside the (admittedly passionate) teams fanbases.
  19. http://www.worldoftanks.com/ Free to Play, FPS-with-RPG-lite Progression, Tank Compnay vs. Tank Company Fighty-fights. Good times.
  20. The fining and penalizing of hits is one of the most inconsistent and infuriating things in the NFL game today. There is no consistency, no reliabillity and no fairness involved in the process. I hope the owners see that, and work to get a more predictable and consistent system in place at some point.
  21. Ha, good to see you BP. aye, living where I do, if you're not a Skins Fan, it was easy to develop a cancerous little disgust for ol' Saint Joe.
  22. Well, you know me, I'd never infringe of Klecko territory.
  23. Ha ha, sadly my "throwing stuff" skills are limited (or were limited, in my younger days) to baseball and large scottish hammer-tpe objects....and maybe the occasional telephone pole. Max and his crew created a vibrant community, and an awesome forum, without once ever needing a fat bloviating yapper like me. Trust me, I'm more like the drunk old boyfriend, crawling back to his forgiving girl, who's big hertedly willing to take him back despite his aforementioned dalliances.
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