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  1. Hello, Jet Nation!

  2. Hello, Jet Nation!

    Hey Tex. lol
  3. Hello, Jet Nation!

    Isn't mingling a part of your gang bang?
  4. Hello, Jet Nation!

    It seems that way. Respectful ones, anyway. I'm taking care of my business in the back seat on the way there, lol
  5. Hello, Jet Nation!

    hahahaha. Joe Namath, is that you???
  6. Hello, Jet Nation!

    Hey there. Hi BP!
  7. Hello, Jet Nation!

    Thanks, Maxman!
  8. Hello, Jet Nation!

    WTH! Can't a girl get a decent margarita and a burger anymore?
  9. Hello, Jet Nation!

    Hi Larz!
  10. I'm going to the game this Sunday. It will be my first live game in about a decade. Does Joe still run his tailgate?
  11. Happy Birthday *********.com!

    Happy Belated Birthday. xoxoxo
  12. Hi! Miss you. Looking forward to chatting with you this season. Go Jets!
  13. Any take aways from tonight?

    Well, ... hey, it's early and, you know, right? It's just a meaningless pre-season game, right? ummm, .....
  14. I can not find any other source that confirms this. However, I did find this: Q: Any chance Walt Anderson didn’t stick a pressure gauge in each of the 24 or 36 footballs? Maybe he just did the squeeze test? JD: “They have a gauge and they have to check every football. It’s usually given to the youngest or newest member of the crew — it’s almost like a rite of passage into the NFL. During the playoffs, it’s usually an alternate official, so it’s a veteran official that does it. I would not even question whether they did or not. It’s just something you do, like putting your pants on or getting ready for the game.” http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/01/24/expert-explains-protocol-with-nfl-game-balls/fCtQ38pBjBFXId0WJC2wpL/story.html
  15. A note on personal attacks

    Thanks for reopening this, NY Bozo. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/aaron-rodgers-calls-play-packers-new-york-bozo-article-1.2073788