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  1. When the pig is roasted, I would love to have the first plate. lolololol
  2. Did you know that there are an awful lot of people on the internet who just don't get sarcasm or good fun humor, anymore? Bunch of tight asses and crazy people. It's so good to be home, lol
  3. lol, are we still asking this? Is green jets and ham still around? No, let's not say the pig is slaughtered until we're at the pig roast, drinking beer, celebrating, smelling the awesome aroma and ready to grab a plate of beautiful, roasted pork.
  4. As a matter of fact.... yes. Why yes they do.
  5. Oh, and @Maxman , why the heck am I not an original JNer? C'mon, man!!!!
  6. hahahahaha. I'm Lady Jet. Queen of the Green Team! Nice to meet you, Beerfish.
  7. I knew there'd be an Eeyore here, lololol. Darnold is going to be fine. It's been three games, hahaha.
  8. Hey, you! Long time no see. Yeah, I'm not happy with the O-Line or the linebackers, but I'm very pleased with the rest.
  9. I accidently gave you an upvote. Seriously? Sam Darnold is playing pretty damn good for a rookie with a sh*t O-line and marginal receivers.
  10. I'm actually quite happy with our running backs. I'm not a fan of going after Leveon. I'd address other positions before that.
  11. The linebackers and the o-line are not very impressive, but I love the moxie and the drive from the rest of the team.
  12. Hey, you! We are going to kick some ass this season.
  13. but honestly, this is the best assembled Jets team I've seen in years. Eeyore's will Eeyore, but I'm pretty damn happy with this team.
  14. I just wanted to pop in and say "YAY!!!!!"
  15. Isn't mingling a part of your gang bang?
  16. It seems that way. Respectful ones, anyway. I'm taking care of my business in the back seat on the way there, lol
  17. hahahaha. Joe Namath, is that you???
  18. WTH! Can't a girl get a decent margarita and a burger anymore?
  19. I'm going to the game this Sunday. It will be my first live game in about a decade. Does Joe still run his tailgate?
  20. Happy Belated Birthday. xoxoxo
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