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    NC via NY
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    Jets, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Porsche

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    Did years ago... the commute would be a little too far from NC.
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    Where do I begin? Mud Bowl, 99 against the Browns, Fake Spike, FGs in Pitt, blowing the lead in Denver, etc, etc, etc.
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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. Bergen Jet

    New TVs to watch the Jets!

    Agree completely. The 2017 model Sony TVs are fantastic and reasonably priced 4k Smart TVs if you can find them still. I have a 55" and a 65" model. Far superior to my two Samsungs, my other Sony Smart TV, and my LG 4K. I still like my old Panasonic Viera Plasma for non 4K movie watching though.
  2. Fixing the QB position fixes everything. It is also like trying to win a lottery when you are dealing with unknown commodities and once promising players coming off of injuries. The only thing that is different this time than all of the recent attempts to hit the lottery is that the Jets have better lottery tickets. It might not pan out, but I think that the odds are pretty good and I would classify this team as heading in the right direction.
  3. I didn't want him, still don't want him... but I love what I am hearing about him. The fact that Parcells thinks that he is more interested in playing the game than being a star is one of the best things you can hear about a person you are banking the future of your franchise on. I can't wait to be proven wrong about Darnold.
  4. Bergen Jet

    Draft Schedule

    I hate it. No need to stretch it to three days.
  5. Bergen Jet

    Saquon Barkley Will Be The Pick

    If Rosen and maybe Mayfield are gone I am completely OK with this.
  6. He will come back in June, work one week and then take the entire summer off.
  7. Bergen Jet

    Rosen Fans

    Pretty fair assessment. I have Rosen 1 and Mayfield 2. I don't want Allen or Darnold but I have Allen 3 and Darnold 4.
  8. I want Rosen to be the guy. While I'd take Mayfield before Darnold, I really hope this is the Jets throwing up a smokescreen regarding what their plans are.
  9. Bergen Jet

    Maccagnan speaks to media

    Glad Darnold isn't getting a private workout. I'd rather have Rosen or Mayfield.
  10. Congrats Max! You worked hard to create this site and forum for the community.
  11. I love Klecko... Revis is the best defensive player in the history of the franchise.
  12. You are 24 and you are starting this thread? Half this board has Jets gear older than you. No, I have never questioned my loyalty to this horrific franchise. Mud Bowl, 99 against the Browns, Fake Spike, FGs in Pitt, blowing the lead in Denver, Butt Fumble and everything in between... none of them made me question my loyalty. Not even this disaster of a season would make me question my loyalty to this franchise. I just know that one day we will get lucky in the draft and all the pieces will fall into place and I will get to witness a Jets SB championship. I also know that the masses that suffered through ineptitude will get to experience the joy of the ultimate underdog finally winning it all. Until then we are all Charlie Brown trying to kick that damn football even though we know Lucy is going to pull it away at the last second.
  13. Bergen Jet

    Happy Birthday Faba

    Happy birthday!
  14. Your responses to joewilly12 are more annoying than his actual posts...

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