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    NC via NY
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    Jets, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Porsche

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    Did years ago... the commute would be a little too far from NC.
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    Where do I begin? Mud Bowl, 99 against the Browns, Fake Spike, FGs in Pitt, blowing the lead in Denver, etc, etc, etc.
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    I am a dreaded tweener. I was born late for the SB win but am old enough for all the heartbreaks.

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  1. Bergen Jet

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Hard Pass. The cap space fallacy is in full effect here. We have the fewest players under contract next year and we have a ton of holes to begin with. On top of that no running back is worth what Bell is going to get to this Jets team. We are two or three good years of rebuilding before we could be a legit deep playoff run team IMO. We would have an expensive approximately 30 year old RB at that point.
  2. Bergen Jet

    Sam Darnold Stats and Projection

    You are asking for a lot yardage wise, but I think it is definitely feasible. I expect him to have 3800 yards, 26 TDS, 19 INTS at year end.
  3. Bergen Jet

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    I can check the gore settings later and let you know what it is like with them turned off. As is, 13 is kind of borderline IMO.
  4. Bergen Jet

    Who are Your All-Time Favorite Baseball Players?

    Munson, Mattingly, Mariano, Bernie, Nettles, Guidry
  5. Bergen Jet


    I moved out of NY in 2007 and still have the same username here. That said, you can definitely come watch a game or three at our place.
  6. Bergen Jet

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Billy Joel in Winston-Salem, NC last Saturday. He is still pretty much the same, just older (but so are we). Weird seeing him play outside of NY though.
  7. Bergen Jet

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Anyone playing Black Ops 4? Been playing a little blackout and multiplayer on PS4.
  8. Bergen Jet

    Immovable Wall/Unstoppable force

    As long as we don't go to the well one too many times.
  9. Clearly you are mistaking me with someone else.
  10. Bergen Jet

    Should the Jets make Dez a one season deal?

    I thought that he suddenly wants to go back to Dallas again.
  11. I think this defense is one legit pass rusher away from going from middling to very good...
  12. Max and company have poured a lot of hours and hard work into making this the best football forum our there. Simple rules to follow.
  13. Bergen Jet

    New TVs to watch the Jets!

    Agree completely. The 2017 model Sony TVs are fantastic and reasonably priced 4k Smart TVs if you can find them still. I have a 55" and a 65" model. Far superior to my two Samsungs, my other Sony Smart TV, and my LG 4K. I still like my old Panasonic Viera Plasma for non 4K movie watching though.
  14. Fixing the QB position fixes everything. It is also like trying to win a lottery when you are dealing with unknown commodities and once promising players coming off of injuries. The only thing that is different this time than all of the recent attempts to hit the lottery is that the Jets have better lottery tickets. It might not pan out, but I think that the odds are pretty good and I would classify this team as heading in the right direction.
  15. I didn't want him, still don't want him... but I love what I am hearing about him. The fact that Parcells thinks that he is more interested in playing the game than being a star is one of the best things you can hear about a person you are banking the future of your franchise on. I can't wait to be proven wrong about Darnold.

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