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  1. Okubah isn't falling to us, and we all want to take a tackle at 11... but if all the top tackles are off the board Okubah at 11 would be an amazing pick. I'd still go with the top WR in that scenario but I wouldn't be the least bit upset if Okubah was the pick.
  2. Played a few games on special teams. The fact that nobody so far remembers him (I didn't either) leads me to believe that we just found 1.2 million in cap space for releasing the definition of a JAG.
  3. It is in the Philippines where they experience perpetual summer.
  4. I thought they said it was the flu?
  5. Do you smell what the Gronk is cooking?
  6. 29 by the time the season comes around at a position that favors youth. ...and there are people who think that we can snag a 26 year old 5 time pro-bowl offensive linemen for a 4th...
  7. We should definitely trade up to number 2 to grab Chase. This team is one pass rusher away from being SB favorites... screw draft picks!
  8. Great comparison. Somebody coming out of retirement versus a 26 year old off of 5 straight pro-bowls. Definitely an apples to apples comparison there.
  9. As much as I want the best tackle taken, I would love if one of the two top WRs fell to us.
  10. 25 year old who has been to 5 straight pro bowls who fills a position of need is not going to be had for a 4th rounder...
  11. I think he fits whatever style you need him to fit...
  12. I love Jamal but Judon for 16 mil + a 1st rounder makes way more sense than signing Jamal. This trade would never happen though.
  13. ...and that is the cover up for thinking that Tanny was the GM?
  14. I don't wan't Ruggs... but that luxury model would be 13 mil less per year than RA. That kind of cap space can go a very long way to shoring up an absolutely terrible line and/or fill another hole in FA.
  15. Means nothing. On the surface it looks like the Jets want him in the building badly, but maybe this could be: a public relations spin on the upcoming negotiations making Jamal look like the greedy SOB when he wants too much posturing to show other teams that we have no intention of letting Jamal go to increase potential offers for Jamal validation that we will once again be burdened by a clueless front office I love Jamal but I would hate to see him getting 15+ per. I am hoping that what is going on is either option 1 or option 2 (preferably) from the list above.
  16. I would love to take a flyer on Alshon... if he was making 7 million per. I'd be OK with the late round draft pick, but I can't see picking up his contract with his age and health concerns.
  17. @EricYellin, @Sperm Edwards, @CTM, @JiF, @RutgersJetFan Might be a little old school with my choices but I give those guys Round 1 grades...
  18. Depends on the how the draft board is shaping up. We definitely could use the extra pick and we might be reaching at 11 anyway if the LTs and two top WRs are gone.
  19. Did I mention Adams anywhere? I took notice of your nonsense when you mentioned that Darnold is not well known...
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