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  1. Hey, don’t forget he’s a sh*tty passer and will therefore be left with nothing once his legs go.
  2. I don't like them but the players seem to and if they want to think they play better wearing them, have at it. They could all be dressed like Dusty Rhodes with yellow polka dots and idgaf as long as I see some winning football.
  3. Yeah, but then we can do all this sh*t again next year!
  4. Sutton can't play. Doesn't get open. Hard pass on a two turds for one special.
  5. It shows great restraint to have waited until after the second MVP and Super Bowl
  6. Chuck McGill is completely mentally sound.
  7. The same thing that went wrong between the Broncos and Jay Cutler.
  8. I want Carr. Doesn’t cost picks and we won’t be in the same exact situation we’re in now in another year or two. I just don’t think this team is that good, man. We aren’t a SB contender with or without Rodgers and desperate as I am to return to the playoffs, I’m not so desperate as to waste first round picks to see one or two games in January.
  9. Our incompetent owner is pushing hard for Rodgers, so that oughta tell you something.
  10. You know the last time Rodgers played in a Super Bowl, he almost faced…THE JETS? Is our roster better than any Packers roster in the last 12 years? He couldn’t get it done in his prime in a relatively weak conference, so he’s gonna come here at 40 and outduel Mahomes and Allen and Burrow? I can understand your desire as a Pats fan to see the Jets do some dumb short sighted sh*t. The list of QBs in the history of the league that has maintained an elite level of play at Rodgers’ age has one dude on it. And as great as Rodgers has been, he ain’t that dude. No one is.
  11. We were a QB away from the playoffs. The playoffs. Not the Super Bowl. Mortgaging the future for a 39 year old QB is so very same old Jets.
  12. I’m talking about looking like a competent NFL offense, something we haven’t seen here consistently in like 20 years. It’s not just about this season. Josh Johnson ran this offense better than Zach ever has.
  13. Idk. Every sh*tty QB we stick back there can run his offense just fine except for one.
  14. The reasoning for Thomas Jones over Breece Hall is simple. If you have too many explosive plays, your defense can't get enough rest between drives. No one likes a hero. Just get what's blocked and then fall down so the defense can catch a blow on the sidelines. Can't have them tired in the fourth quarter.
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