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  1. I was one of those criers. We had to set the LaMonster free.
  2. Being in the AFC isn't going to help the case for this to be a playoff team. I firmly believe this team would be a strong playoff team in the other conference. The Jets could conceivably be really good this year and not even make the playoffs invoking the 2015 PTSD.
  3. Is it? Because when's the last time we drafted a WR who was that good? 1996? If only it were that easy.
  4. That's the going rate for top WRs and what we'll be paying Wilson if by the grace of God he works out. Just seems silly to me that all these teams trading up for WRs would kill to have that WR turn out as good as AJB, but they neglected to trade for 24 year old AJ Brown. Whatever. I hope Wilson is awesome, but it's not what I would have done.
  5. Why in the **** did we not trade the 10th pick for AJB?
  6. Idk man, I'm not the one starting thinly veiled racist threads.
  7. Oh, I get it. So by "divas", you mean "flashy black guys".
  8. I’ll be impressed if Bowles wins with Matt Cassel and Mac Jones
  9. Those ‘16 Jets were maybe the most unlikable Jets team in franchise history. Leader of men Bowles totally lost the locker room. Should have been fired then. There’s no coming back from that as a coach.
  10. Ah, the long con. Trick a division rival into acquiring a top 3 WR. What will he do for an encore? Get the Patriots a shutdown corner?
  11. There was no competition for Adams. He wanted to be a Raider and play with Carr. That’s it.
  12. Not afraid of Mac Jones, either, just the rest of the team and their head coach.
  13. He’s shown flashes several times before. He’s just made of glass.
  14. Someone should give the Seahawks the best safety in the NFL so we can ask them. I’m sure they’d settle for one who’s merely good.
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