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  1. Man, some of you are silly af. What is it about 50 years of garbage QBs that would make you say “pass” on Dak [expletive] Prescott?
  2. Why is this sh*t still pinned on Tapatalk when we’ve been sucking with Sam for three years?
  3. He's definitely in the top two Chris Johnson's the Jets have had over the last decade.
  4. Do your meddlin', meddler and fetch me a DeShaun Watson.
  5. Those stories have been around for a lot longer than just last year. It's a poorly kept secret at this point that Wentz is a grade A douche.
  6. I still remember debating ECurb that Drew Brees was better than Pennington. Safe to say I won that one.
  7. I thought I read the other day that Miles Austin was the WRs coach?
  8. "Emotion is huge in NFL football" - Todd Bowles
  9. The Patriots won't be going out in a blaze of glory. After 20 years, it's finally time for their dose of bad medicine.
  10. Have you ever watched a Steelers game? Diontae Johnson is the Michael Jordan of dropping passes.
  11. Yeah, what use do we have in a 25 year old franchise QB? By the time we could build a team around him, he'd be like 27 or 28 and nearing retirement.
  12. The “Andy Reid offense” looks a lot less like the Andy Reid offense when Andy Reid isn’t coaching it.
  13. Sometimes I have to change the channel because my brain just cannot accept that the perfect woman exists.
  14. We aren't going to be entertaining as long as Sam Darnold is throwing the ball.
  15. KC gonna be mighty worried if Mahomes has a 16/15 TD/INT in a couple years.
  16. 6 of the 8 head coaches remaining in the playoffs had "never been hired" before.
  17. You said you wanted playoffs. I gave you an available coach that made the playoffs with Brock Lobster as his QB. He won a playoff game with TJ Yates under center. Who the **** is TJ Yates? Exactly. And, despite going winless this year and getting fired four games into the season, he only has one less win than Pederson over the last three years.
  18. I'm not trying to say he didn't do a good job in 2017. He did an amazing job, obviously. It was still a fluke season. Flacco and Eli also did great jobs, but they weren't elite QBs ever in their professional lives except for four games in January and February.
  19. Can you spell elite without Eli? Was Joe Flacco an elite QB? Looking at the entire body of evidence, everything points to 2017 either being a fluke or Frank Reich being really good. Did you go to the 2019 NFC East Division Championship parade? I'm super impressed by anyone's ability to win 9 games in a division as tough as the NFC East.
  20. I don't personally understand why so many people want a guy with "head coaching experience". That's what you call it when it's something you desire. When it isn't, you call it "hiring a retread". The later is what I call it, for the record. 6 of the 8 head coaches of the remaining playoff teams are first time NFL head coaches. I realize we have sucked for ten years, but too many people have adopted a loser's mentality. There are people that actually want Marvin Lewis. Jesus Christ.
  21. Boy, have I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.
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