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  1. 2 hours ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

    Lamont Jordan was a great RB in a tandem. But once he was the bell cow for Oakland, his stats quickly converged to the mean. There were those who cried that Martin was getting the ball too much, which was probably true, but LaMont had his high YPC because he didn't carry the ball more than he did.

    I was one of those criers. We had to set the LaMonster free.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

    Good post.  Zach Wilson’s development will determine whether the Jets are a playoff team. They now have playoff talent and several strengths on paper but Wilson’s and others’ development will determine how far they go.  They are still young BUT have added experienced talent in a lot of good places.  

    But yes, you are right on their major weakness. I’d add stopping the RB screen and TE outlet/seam as other weaknesses which might have only been partially addressed.  These also go back to the LBs and I’m not convinced that the rookie backers last year are up to the task.  Possibly in the screen and TE game since they are converted safeties but less so in plugging the running lanes.  Mosley gets hurt and it can ruin our entire defensive scheme.

    The Jets would be kind of foolish not to address these weaknesses before the season.  Especially after building a potentially terrific roster elsewhere.  With their remaining cap dollars, instead of pushing forward to next year:

    1. Run stuffing DT

    2. LB w/ versatile (MIKE & Will)

    3. Swing Offensive Tackle who is ready this year


    Being in the AFC isn't going to help the case for this to be a playoff team. I firmly believe this team would be a strong playoff team in the other conference. The Jets could conceivably be really good this year and not even make the playoffs invoking the 2015 PTSD.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Cyberjet said:

    Because the jets are not going to pay him $25-30 million per year

    That's the going rate for top WRs and what we'll be paying Wilson if by the grace of God he works out.

    Just seems silly to me that all these teams trading up for WRs would kill to have that WR turn out as good as AJB, but they neglected to trade for 24 year old AJ Brown. Whatever. I hope Wilson is awesome, but it's not what I would have done.

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  4. Bowles was a horrific, emotionless, boring, coach who ruined our best chance at the playoffs in the last decade and subsequently gutted this team of all entertainment value for a number of years.  His teams were lifeless, boring, and ill prepared.
    Any success Tampa has will be due to a talent rich team with a cheating QB who has a different set of rules than anyone else.

    Those ‘16 Jets were maybe the most unlikable Jets team in franchise history. Leader of men Bowles totally lost the locker room. Should have been fired then. There’s no coming back from that as a coach.
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  5. 18 hours ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    I strongly believe, as someone mentioned in other thread:

    JD drove up the price and NEVER would have paid that much. He just KILLED the fins cap and drafts for the foreseeable future; only exacerbated if the fins don’t produce and win with all that FA $$$ spent. Rosenhuas, like ALL OTHER PLAYER AGENTS used the Jets for more $$$. JD obliged knowing full well Hill was always going to choose Miami; like Antonio Winfield, Anthony Barr, Favre, etc: players USE THE JETS to get what they want from another team!

    JD was Machiavelli’s The Prince in driving up the price 

    Ah, the long con. Trick a division rival into acquiring a top 3 WR. What will he do for an encore? Get the Patriots a shutdown corner?

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  6. Im not afraid of Fields/Lawrence/Locke/Trubisky/Tua*2.   But yea we are going to be at a significant qb skill deficit for the immense majority of the season.

    Not afraid of Mac Jones, either, just the rest of the team and their head coach.
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  7. Diggs was also several years younger then Adams is now. 
    You don't get a lot of 25-26 year old stars traded, or on the market as a Free Agent.  When they do, the cost is really high.  The Bears gave up 2 first rounders and made Khalil Mack the highest paid defender in the league, did that really help get them over the top?  Ask the Seahawks how much it helped them to get the best safety in the NFL.
    It can happen, if you already have a good team, the Rams did it with Ramsey, and that helped them quite a bit.
    Mainly, if you want some great players, you need to draft them.

    Someone should give the Seahawks the best safety in the NFL so we can ask them.

    I’m sure they’d settle for one who’s merely good.
  8. He's also the type of player that doesn't want to stay on the 4 or less losses each year team because they don't do well in the playoffs.
    Not the type of player a rebuilding Jets team needs.

    Adams was awesome when his QB was *checks notes* Brett Hundley. It’s not a chicken or egg thing. Both Rodgers and Adams can be great without the other.

    I quoted the wrong person. Sorry, homie. Adams also wanted to play for the Raiders so any argument is moot. Dude rules tho.
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  9. They just spent something like a quarter billion on players yesterday, most of whom are being touted as being overpaid for.  Im not sure there's a whole lot of logic behind what Jacksonville does, beyond Khan trying to spend their way out of suckitude.

    This is just like letting Cody Rhodes walk all over again.
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