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  1. Hey, Duke is a 28 year old career JAG that was out of the league until like a month ago. Do you think we're the 85 Bears or something?
  2. Hey, the Panthers lost. I'm starting to think their Super Bowl run is iffy.
  3. Nope, but that says little about Wilson. I never understood why people thought Lawrence was special. It's not like I'm a college football expert. He just never wowed me on the rare times I saw him in college and he has done absolutely nothing at the pro level that makes me think I was wrong. Wilson, while very disappointing, has at least made some plays that make me understand the hype.
  4. Without reading through 150 replies, I’m gonna say it’s because we’ve seen 3 average to below average QBs look much better while running the same system.
  5. No. But only because of Watson's off-field shenanigans. We'd be incredibly fortunate if Wilson ends up as good a quarterback as Watson. Take the sure thing.
  6. Clickbaity ass title. "Injured" makes it sound like maybe he ripped his knee ligaments to shreds. "Nursing shoulder strain" would be more prudent. Or "dealing with shoulder strain" like the article literally says.
  7. Probably not, but let’s not pretend the dude was being coached by Bill Walsh out in (Not) San Diego.
  8. Well, I guess we'll find out real quick if Zach Wilson relishes the spotlight because it's going to be squarely on him vs. Darnold.
  9. Nope. I don't like this not one bit.
  10. I seem to be in the minority, but I absolutely want to keep Crowder. We saw what happened last year when the WR depth was compromised. This young QB needs to be given every possible chance to succeed. Taking away the best weapon on the team the last two years is not a great idea, even if we think we drafted his replacement.
  11. Lmao Nick Foles ain’t keeping Wilson on the bench for 16 games
  12. There is no franchise that values safeties more than the New York Jets.
  13. He may try real hard, but he is not a good player.
  14. Rice was a good player. Why tf would I be referring to the off field sh*t? Grow tf up
  15. Scouting report sounds like Ray Rice.
  16. And people in this thread are saying no, lmao. Y'all wild af
  17. How about we see if he's good first? I could go my remaining life without hearing "Sanchise" ever again and be content to die in peace.
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