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  1. Alanis Morissette can reference it in her song lyrics
  2. Hey, let's bring back Frank Gore
  3. A 40 to 50 yard carry in which he ran through a gigantic hole and was untouched.
  4. It doesn't. I'm talking bout vibes, man. You can't tell me how to feel. You're harshing my mellow, hombre.
  5. How many good ones do we have? Are we watching the same franchise?
  6. Only because Robby was undrafted, lol. And maybe you're right since we're still waiting on that reincarnation of Joe Namath.
  7. Meh puts it succinctly. I can't shake the Justin McCareins vibes this gives me.
  8. I don’t really get it. He was a borderline top 5 FA WR IMO, but we prioritized him like he was the cream of the crop. I’m wondering if there’s something about Golladay that we don’t know. WRs like him don’t just hit unrestricted free agency. They get franchised or they get traded because they’re a dickface. Plus, he missed almost all of last year with a mysterious injury. There are enough red flags there to give pause. I love Will Fuller. That being said, I can understand not wanting to give him a big contract based on his many issues. What I absolutely do not get is prioritizing Davis over Curtis Samuel. Samuel seems like a dream fit in the Jets new offense. He was used as a hybrid WR/RB last season. While I wouldn’t go as far as saying that’s the EXACT way Deebo and Aiyuk are used, the Niners run a metric ****load of jet sweeps and touch passes. I’m ok with Davis. I’d be much okayer with Samuel.
  9. Man, some of you are silly af. What is it about 50 years of garbage QBs that would make you say “pass” on Dak [expletive] Prescott?
  10. Why is this sh*t still pinned on Tapatalk when we’ve been sucking with Sam for three years?
  11. He's definitely in the top two Chris Johnson's the Jets have had over the last decade.
  12. Do your meddlin', meddler and fetch me a DeShaun Watson.
  13. Those stories have been around for a lot longer than just last year. It's a poorly kept secret at this point that Wentz is a grade A douche.
  14. I still remember debating ECurb that Drew Brees was better than Pennington. Safe to say I won that one.
  15. I thought I read the other day that Miles Austin was the WRs coach?
  16. "Emotion is huge in NFL football" - Todd Bowles
  17. The Patriots won't be going out in a blaze of glory. After 20 years, it's finally time for their dose of bad medicine.
  18. Have you ever watched a Steelers game? Diontae Johnson is the Michael Jordan of dropping passes.
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