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  1. I only wish the schedule makers had waited a little longer, so that the Cubs' meaningless series with the Blue Jays in June could have been the Orioles instead. I want Sosa to come back to Wrigley at least once before he retires so the masses can let him know just what we think of him now.
  2. Warriors got robbed. It would take 3 Baron Davis' to equal one Dale Davis.
  3. Ryan Moats Mike Williams Vincent Jackson
  4. Vilma. I was just thinking earlier about how glad I was that no one traded in front of us and snatched him away. The thought of Vilma in another uniform makes me cringe as much as the thought of jetgirl in a bikini.
  5. Loyalty should mean absolutely nothing. It doesn't matter what Curtis has done in the past. All that matters is the future. Look at all the teams with 3 or 4 equally crappy running backs that have to run a running back by committee offense. I never want the Jets to be one of those teams. Lamont is going to go off for some team very soon. I just hope that team is the Jets.
  6. Bad move for the Dolphins. They should've at least waited to see if the Bears were going to keep Jeff George or not.
  7. I don't know about New York, but it's raining like a bastard here.
  8. Someone should praise Curtis Martin first. Savage is like a blue tick hound whenever someone actually says the 4th leading rusher in NFL history is good.
  9. I'm not so sure that Cottrell is the right person to coach Napolean Harris up. I think he's got a lot of potential, but he needs the right coaching/system in order for him to be as productive as he's capable of. The reason I think this is such a terrible trade for Oakland is because they have so many needs at other positions, and you can now add inside linebacker to that. They are now going to have to cut BOTH Sapp and Washington, which adds more holes at defensive tackle and end. This is a team that needs an upgrade at quarterback, running back, and now linebacker, and both d-line positions. Now, they have two recievers that are paid like #1's, to go along with NO first round draft choice. The Raiders screwed themselves, IMO.
  10. GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111!!!!!
  11. Yeah, but after the way Prior pitched last year, I asked for my testes back.
  12. I would give my left testicle for a head coach that could start an undrafted rookie that was a nickel back in college and a 70-year old wide reciever at corner and still win the Super Bowl.
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