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  1. 1 was a Brady win, 2 were Beli wins, 1 was a Donovan McNabb is a terrible choke artist win, and 2 were delivered in gift baskets from the opposing teams' OC.
  2. Jesus, it's not rigged. Also it had the lowest rating since arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Last night's game was utter sh*t, but that CardPitt game was something else.
  3. Yes. And this Super Bowl marked the point where I have officially seen over half of them. What a drag it is getting old. At least in blowouts, one side shows that they want and deserve it. This was just 60 minutes of waiting for something (ANYTHING) to happen and the clock expired before anything did. Reminded me of DEN/CAR but Denver’s defense was much better than any unit on the field in this game. And that game had more than 16 points scored.
  4. The Patriots dynasty began when they cheated to beat the Rams. It will end when the Rams have their revenge.
  5. He also coached the best offensive line in football the three years before that. Didn't pay a lot of attention to the Bengals, but I know Mixon was pretty damn good after being poopoo sh*t as a rookie, so I'm assuming his impact there was positive.
  6. You had a Facebook 20 years ago?
  7. The Metarie Screwjob?
  8. Seriously. That MNF game was FIFTY FOUR TO FIFTY ONE. I’d imagine a Rams/Chiefs rematch would have more people excited than seeing the goddamn Patriots for the millionth time. But I guess they didn’t want to do face vs. face at WrestleMania.
  9. The Patriots are Hogan, no selling Maholmes flying elbow and dropping the big leg, brother.
  10. I’m glad to see it go. We never had the personnel to utilize it effectively. In 13 years, our best pass rusher was ******* Calvin Pace.
  11. It came down to not being offered the job for McCarthy.
  12. See, I’m not giving Fox credit. That’s my entire point, which sailed over your head. HOF QBs are nice to have. They can make a coach’s record deceiving.
  13. Why don’t you read your own post that I was responding to, where you say verbatim “Rodgers is the reason they didn’t win more Super Bowls”? Umm, but he’s not. McCarthy is. Which I pointed out. And your response to that is “Let’s ignore the rest of his career because of one game!”. Let’s ignore that I showed your first point was BS and pivot over to something else.
  14. Did I mention Gase? He also was only there for the first year in Chicago, where they won two less games than the next two years combined. And I'm not your buddy, guy.
  15. I choose to pretend those years didn't happen. Specials have still been great for the better part of 20 years.
  16. That's bordering on Hail Mary territory and they have no timeouts. FG was the right call.
  18. We are a special teams factory. Pretty much have been for as long as I can remember.
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