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  1. Me too. As soon as Steelers signed Allen I thought he was definately gone. Steelers taking advantage of un-capped year. They really did great at shoring up the ST's and secondary weaknesses today. Not done yet. Look for CB help on the way via FA OR the draft.
  2. Not to mention it robs your team of more depth. But the track record say's the Jets at least contemplate moving up at some point.
  3. Nuthin' more funny than a good old fashioned piling on.
  4. Najeh Davenport did in fact take a dump in his ex g/f's closet. Fact.
  5. Holy moly........... Troy's got more highlights from ONE game than Rhodes has for a career.... Talk about going overboard...
  6. Well it's about damn time the cheap bastids ponied up the dough for their best NT !!
  7. Gotta admit i'm impressed at how the Jets are being so aggressive in identifying weaknesss and upgrading your team. Let's see what else they got up their sleeves.
  8. LOL You're the first person I thought about when the news hit. I thought "somewhere TS has a HUGE smile".
  9. Hell if i was Steelers GM i'd be trying to get Bethea, myself. But we know the Steelers don't operate that way. But Ryan Clark, under Rex would be a very good fit for you guys. He just got exposed a bit in coverage when Troy was out with injury.
  10. Not sure if the Jets could get Ryan Clark in FA or not. But IMHO he'd instantly become a fan favorite in NY and be a good fit for you guys. He'd prolly scare the crap out of Welker twice a year too. LOL
  11. :rl: I guess this means u guys got something working for Bethea? Trust me you'll love him wayyyyyyyyyyy more than Rhodes. lol
  12. Geezus if you guys lose Rhodes and get Bethea EVERY other freakin' team in the AFC will be praying your offense falls apart so we'll have a shot at beating ya's 6-3.
  13. You seriously didn't just call the Jets fanbase bandwagon jumpers, did you ??
  14. He definately has a bullseye on his back. I usually don't get into these types of threads as they are usually more about sensationalizing and villifying than anything else. We'll see how it plays out. Prolly by the end of the week we'll know the whole story. Ben probably needs to settle down. A guy worth $100 mil should NOT be putting himself in these type situations. But what if he were like a Steve McNair and DID settle down only to be slain by a nutjob mistress because he wasn't happy being settled down? Was just debating with a friend because he defended McNair to no ends but chooses to villify Ben before all the facts even come out. Nobody could be more upset with Ben than I am for letting himself be in this situation a SECOND freaking time. For that I place 100% blame on Ben. I think Ben should have a sit-down with Joe Namath and let him teach him the ropes of being a franchise QB bachelor.
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