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  1. Harris County elected to 'no-billed' him on his charges. That essentially means Harris County is not going to charge him, but reserves the right to prosecute him in the future if evidence presents itself. The NFL's Personal Conduct policy can be used in a variety of matters. Given the amount of crap the NFL has gotten for mis-handling (Ray Rice) other player issues of a similar vein, 3-4 would be really light.
  2. Main stream media usually calls it horse dewormer. Good Luck Fish!
  3. Meh. The biggest takeaway I get from this and the actual Seth Wickersham article. The Patriots did not use the signals in the same game as many Jets' fans argued years ago. Acknowledgment that teams try to exploit the signal calling.
  4. Dude, I am just yanking your chain, but if a team was going to find a loophole. You know the Jets would. Par$ells and the Jets did the Patriots' dirty with Curtis Martin way back in the day.
  5. The Patriot delegation has one word for you: cheaters. CBS quotes Rich Cimini and as much as you crap on him.
  6. No, but he is salvaging something from a guy that was unlikely to make the roster and it gives them a little cap space.
  7. This. I am sure everyone would hit the strike zone.
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