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  1. I forget his name, but there was a member of this board who lives in the same town as I do. I have on rare occasions seen a person wearing a Jets shirt/hoodie. I just thought it would be weird to go up to him and ask if he is a member of the Jet nation,
  2. They were 3-13 but were a winning franchise that made 3 AFC Championship Games in the previous 5 seasons. - This is not relevant. The 3-13 team that was outscored by over two TDs a game was not the one playing in any of those AFC Championship games. Plus, Coslet made it to the playoffs as an 8-8 team. It is not like the Jets were 12-4. Again, that is not relevant, that is a totally different team. In year two of his Patriots' tenure, Belichick won a ring. Different teams with different situations. The Patriots were 8-8 when he took over with their last losing season in 1995. Again
  3. If you mean coming from 13 behind in the third a real win, sure. Most of the Patriots points were on short drives. If Zach is better and the Patriots continue to protect Mac as well as Lincoln in the Ford Theater, it should be a, decent is not the word, closer.
  4. You know the saying about wishes in one hand and crap in the other? You win crap.
  5. You are not wrong on that. The 2007 and 2016 teams were pretty good on both sides of the ball. I think defensively the 2016 Patriots were better, but man to man comparison on offense...the Bucs win. You have to like his receivers now. Moss was great and Welker was in his prime. However, Evans, Godwin and Brown probably beat any Patriots trio.
  6. Hey now, Turner plays in New England. I thought I read somewhere the decision was because Turner plays and Stefan rides the bench at Man City. Turner has been good otherwise. I agree he is tinkering too much. I agree with sending Weston back to Italy during the last window, but why wasn't Pepi playing? He is 18. he can hadle 3 games in 7 or 8 days.
  7. Poor Darrelle. As we have learned throughout the years, the Belichick system is not for everyone. It is a grind. Some players enjoy the grind. Darrelle did not. The short term relationship was mutually beneficial. Darrelle and the Patriots earned a ring.
  8. This needs a little context. First, the only correct answer is they needed each other. Second, those numbers have no context. 36-44 is not good. I mean he did take over a 3-13 team. He also did it in the era before the salary cap we love and loathe today. I think during that time there was Plan B which if I remember correctly allowed the team to protect its top 30 or so players. Then he took over a sinking Patriots team with salary cap issues. Third, his 2020 job might be his best coaching job after the 2001 and 2007 seasons. Again, due to his GMIng, salary cap issues a
  9. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours. Cancer sucks.
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