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  1. Still is. Tough getting a read on this team. Sale looks worth it. Yeah, Clay news is tough. I liked him, but damn he cannot stay healthy.
  2. Yup. It was solid like the season. A few too many scenes of Sasha in the casket, but I digress.
  3. Calm your t!ts @JiF. I did not say it was impossible to ambush them or anyone. There are a lot of factors that you need to be reasonably sure of to do one. Like, you know Simon's crew is going to be going down that road at a particular time. Maybe, Dwight or Jesus has an idea. Or maybe it is Hollywood.
  4. I do not think too much time has elapsed from the start of season 6 when Alexandria started herding that huge group of walkers away to the reveal/fake glen death to real Glenn death to now. My SWAG is two months. Yeah, it is not the best thought out storyline.
  5. I agree, but I would not say they have a formula other than they were not going to start the war until next season. Richard's plan was so predictable. My wife asked who was shot and I thought it was obvious. The kid. You knew he was going to die.
  6. I think that has been one of the biggest inconsistencies. If I remember correctly, season 1 the Walkers would practically run after people. I am going to call it. Sasha and Rosita are going to die this season. If for no other reason, Rosita is off the hinges and Sasha is a main character in the new Star Trek.
  7. Easier said then done. Sneak in to a largely unknown area where you have no intel (traps, guard rotations, etc). Grab said kid without being detected. Sneak out +1 without being detected. A colony that wants to be hidden now has three people that know where they are and you want to force them to join a war by kidnapping a kid. Good Luck! Again, a filler episode that is just bridging the gap until next season. The previews for next episode, IMHO, all but show this is true. With that being said, I did enjoy the episode. Some good stories with Eugene and Dwight.
  8. So the group you made a drug deal to provide guns and people for the war you are now going to ask to help you kidnap a person in order to force another group to cooperate in a war? A place only Tara has knowledge of. On the Oceanside's 'home court'. Were you know they are armed just as well as you. A place where their stranger encounter mantra is to kill without any questions asked. That is the plan?
  9. Hostile take over? They have two guns. With the not so nimble Tara breaching their area, I doubt they will be as lax and probably have some more intrusion detection systems in place now. They can present to the Ocean Community freedom from being fearful of the Saviors.
  10. Fixed. Seriously, Congrats Maximus. It is a testament to you, the mods and more often then not great Jets' fans.
  11. The CGI was pretty bad. I totally agree about Rosita. I think that girl is trying to protect her promise to the lasy or her daughter were she would keep that place a secret. I think Ezekiel i suffering from Rickitis. I imagine an episode will this year will cover the Kingdom's first meeting with the Saviors. I am guessing his action led to that kid's father's death.
  12. Par for the course. Good episode. I do not see the war being all out this season as there are still too many things to tie together and only 6 episodes left.
  13. I think he does. If I remember correctly, the kid who he has taken under his wing dad was killed by walkers. I think he was killed by Negan a la the Glenn/Abraham initiation. I agree with just killing Negan is not the answer. There is a power structure in place. While killing Negan might create a void, SImon or another could quickly fill the role and the 'haves' of the saviors would still be in power.
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