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  1. I think that is ultimately what killed Walking Dead. That an Andrew Lincoln leaving. I think HOD is doing a good job of focusing on the main points of the show. I did not expect King Viserys to be still around in ep6. As far as BCS ending, I think it was a solid ending for the show. I think BB is the best ending for all shows, but BCS did a solid job.
  2. Especially after he lined up his Fox gig.
  3. He is a better version of Lamar. He has developed into an accurate passer. I agree with your premise. After watching Brady lumber around for twenty years, I cannot see a knee injury making him a worse rusher than Brady.
  4. I guess I did not click on last page. Lol. It has been good so far. Currently, they are second in their table.
  5. After the season with John Lithgow, tap out. It is pretty good until that point.
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