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  1. I was 15 and beyond astonished that Joe came out and did what he said he was going to do. The disparity between the conferences (leagues) was huge then and Joe's guarantee was seen as bombastic in a day when nobody cept Ali talked trash. From then on anytime I had a football in my hand to throw to someone it was "Namath sees Maynard ... deep ... touchdown!"
  2. Good to see you buddy - Nobody in that pictures got Cub anything on anymore and I may not be far behind them! Hoo Hah!
  3. Thanks bro - glad you like and appreciate it. Joanna is incredible and the recognition is a long time coming. Shes been a staple in the Chicago blues scene for awhile. I'll send you some links.
  4. Here's the first cut off it - she's phenominal https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ97z84Fhot/
  5. We have ample embarrassments on this team, management, and certainly ownership. We don't need any additional in team beat reporters.
  6. shoulda been here for the first one ...
  7. No .... the fact that you would be posting this is spot on
  8. Well that guys' got a new subscriber - thanks bud - he's got some awesome chops.
  9. Not well known and certainly not overplayed. The guitar work (by Charlie) is phenominal. Tried to get him to play it when he played at our town event a few years back but he said he and the band hadn't played it in years. Too bad it's gold. Give a listen if you've got a second.

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