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  1. Not at all. This team is legit bad enough to not have to "try" to lose a single game and not win.
  2. Thats ok bro - this laughing stock sh_t could go on indefinitely if nothing changes - Lawrence cant stay in school forever
  3. Not when the guy that gets fired first is an "offensive savant" Really an idiot savant without the savant.
  4. Gase, Christopher, Christopher's dipsh_t brother, and a few others with NY Jet affiliation need to go away. Far away ... from football at least.
  5. Did not think this would get pulled off - but we're pulling it (per usual) C'mon Sam! give us something! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!
  6. NJ

    RIP Pete Hamill

    With all the other insanity going on I didnt hear this. Very sad anout Pete leaving us. What a treasure trove of stories and historic knowlege. His contributions to Ric and Ken Burns documentaries, ESPN stories, and other works were phenominal. And thats not even mentioning his primary magic as a writer, RIP sir. And thank you.
  7. Check out Derek if you haven't already dude - his portrayal of a middle aged guy on the spectrum is maybe his best acting job yet.
  8. The guy is really incredible. Glad to hear Netflix has ordered another season of this from Ricky as well as another non related series and some specials.
  9. You will love After Life - Gervais gold. Derek is another great work he does. Guys with Emmy's should throw them in the fireplace after watching. Both on Netflix
  10. Engineering change #3 - extended wheelbase for stability and replaced the spreader wheels with greased bearing tires. 9 rounds in so far.
  11. Necessity is absolutely the mother of invention. Adding to the post about NJ golf courses opening - likewise in Illinois along with some pretty ridiculous restrictions. Instead of stipulating the course must wipe down the handles of pull carts - they mandate you cant rent them at all and you must have a handicap parking sticker to rent a riding cart. This created the next hot run of the epidemic after TP and isopropyl alcohol - golf pull carts. Couldn't get one under $400 till mid summer. So viola - last weeks Scotts fertilizer spreader, a $40 trip to Home Depot and about 10 hours in my workshop downstairs became my new golf pull cart. Replete with basket that holds a chair as they have banned using benches on the course and my medicare recipient old ass needs to sit. Have 4 rounds in since 5/1.
  12. Ain't it the best? "you mean I got 4 kidneys?" Dewey Crow ..

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