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  1. Kimbrel - good start at shoring up the crap pen the Cubs have had since '16. Still need another lefty arm actually a couple as Montgomery is lousy as a fireman. Not going to bitch tho - keep'em coming Theo.
  2. What about the addition of a "spirited" DC who has a proven track record of going after people? (You're next Tom Tom)
  3. He went to H.S. with my daughter, Dierk. Inside word has it that he's already talked to a couple of MLB teams after expressing the desire and has offers in place. We'll see.
  4. Absolutely - the Jets (post Parcells) history of mediocre at best team management has just been given a chance at being good. Douglas would seem to be another very positive step if he comes. Although Gase has Rex like "ticking bomb" characteristics, a chance at something good is an easy like.
  5. And drag his arguably more embarrassing brother back from England to show everyone how inept he is?
  6. If the right person or persons were in place to orchestrate a good search and make a good pick - this would be good news. Alas - we have the Lucky Sperm Club addle pates to go forward with this.
  7. HOLY sh*t - well - if nothing changes, nothing changes
  8. And every time you think "wow ... that was uncharacteristically smart by the team" ( trading up for Darnold, bringing in Williams ) they go back to being Twiddly Dee and Twiddly Dum from the Lucky Sperm Club.
  9. Strong offense now and good depth at QB, WR, and RB. Even with a D that gave up the 3rd most yards last season I see them scoring their way to the play-offs and maybe with a decent run.
  10. @The Troll It's very frightening they've done nothing about the pen. Duensing and Kintzler defy description. Edwards "getting it back" is terrifying as he barely ever "had it" Montgomery back to the pen without a swing and miss pitch in his repertoire, Morrow coming back when? And in what kind of shape? Stropie as the trusted closer? I am finally a fan after his courageous work last season when we had no where else to turn - but come on. The host of AAA guys, some with promise but not ready to play in October. Love 5 of the 6 starters - truly an embarrassment of riches. But in today's game they only throw half of the innings - WTF? On an aside - have you been checking out this kid? http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2018/10/end-of-season-prospect-review-dakota-mekkes/
  11. It ain't you dude - it's the White Sox
  12. I dunno dude - they show him enough and they'll catch him cuffing his carrot or something equally disgusting - law of averages.
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