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  1. Did you catch the micro head fake that set the whole thing up?
  2. NJ

    SELL THE TEAM WOODY!!!!!!!!!

    We're never going to have a decent franchise till he does. The jerk-off defines loser.
  3. NJ


    Not good enuf Dude - how bout "SELL THE TEAM WOODY! "
  4. NJ

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Double Eff Joe Thomas
  5. You mean he'd be in the refrigerator box next to his dipsh_t brother's under the bridge if not for Band-Aids? Unfortunately they're both too woefully inept to do anything else - a plan needs to be put together to get them out of the business or it ain't happening.
  6. Not what I'm saying at all bro - Bowles + Mac have to be s-canned. This minute would be just fine with me. My fear is none of it will matter a lot as we have the same band of schwanse's picking the next 2 rubes to come in and fail.
  7. This + Mac would be a great start but I think it's all re-arranging the Titanic's deck chairs till we get the Johnson fools to find another source of revenue and sell this franchise to people with some semblance of a clue.
  8. NJ

    R.I.P Stretch

    I saw him launch more than a couple out of Wrigley as well. RIP Willie
  9. Congrats SJ! I'm about 6 months from it my own self. Even with social media - not reading about too many deathbed laments from people that wished they would have had worked more.
  10. Was just going to post this, Jimmy. How do we get rid of those idiots hence the problem. It's becoming more apparent every year that goes by that we can have great components to a team but will never have the full package with the current ownership.
  11. NJ

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    Ha Ha - got me there. Should have been more specific. Bass Drum Pedal or in my instance double bass drum pedal. Sorry but I can't offer any first hand experience with electronic kits. I have a 6 pad board that I can plug into an amp (with additional pad for the double bass pedal) but I've only used it for small parties and the like. There are some fairly electronically sophisticated set-ups I've goofed around on at Guitar Center, but they don't play like a real kit. To me anyway.
  12. NJ

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    No drum talk yet - anybody have opinions or first hand experience with Gibralter foot pedals?
  13. NJ

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Hope POS Sale gets lit up tonight so the series can go back to Bean Town where the Bo-Sox can dispatch Muchumpo and his partner in in punk Puig on their home turf.
  14. That's almost a proven sad reality. That fact that it's tied to their closed pocketbook cements it.

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