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  1. Back to Kotite era levels of sympathy/astonishment when wearing Jet regalia around Chi-town. Walked out of a Walgreens after the game today with my Jets hoodie on and had a millennial tell me "I'm sorry man"
  2. Yeah bro - worst part is we'll have to hear about it all week. I'd happily swap rosters/problems with them.
  3. And it really doesn't matter if he's more incompetent than his witless brother or not.
  4. If you can get any comfort from "well at least we're not supposed to be good" - Chucky and Co. are taking the Bears to the woodshed but good.
  5. Never thought I would ever miss Chad under center. His "game management" would be welcomed at this point.
  6. Screw Ballard - a card laid is a card played. Every team has their own tales of woe - we've had much more than our share of woe, time for some winning. Besides - with his current QB they'll be in line for a top 5 pick again next year
  7. That is my biggest gripe about Cowherd as well. He gets whiny, almost girl gossiping, about something and won't let it go. Other than that he is well informed and one of the better and more accurate voices around.
  8. And if not him - that little Defense Wins Championships rapper dude created some some epic situations
  9. Hopefully he's got a handle on his drinking. It was a mistake and hopefully we can get it knocked down to 2 games and not look back.
  10. Kimbrel - good start at shoring up the crap pen the Cubs have had since '16. Still need another lefty arm actually a couple as Montgomery is lousy as a fireman. Not going to bitch tho - keep'em coming Theo.
  11. What about the addition of a "spirited" DC who has a proven track record of going after people? (You're next Tom Tom)
  12. He went to H.S. with my daughter, Dierk. Inside word has it that he's already talked to a couple of MLB teams after expressing the desire and has offers in place. We'll see.

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