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  1. This D needs to step up
  2. NJ

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Dude - in my eyes that won game 1 for them. Bringing Hader in for the 9 outs kept the Dodgers from scoring in those innings and ultimately let the 6 runs stand. You saw what happened when he came out. I think Counsell wanted to keep the Dodgers shut down and in a chasing mode while they tried to add to their lead. Since the Cheezers have decided to make themselves true wise guy rivals (something they should stay away from given their yah-hey-der mentality) by asking when the Cubs play next on the scoreboard during the game, I hope LA beats them to their reality - senseless.
  3. Glad we were able to give the Bronc's their first take-away in 3 games
  4. too bad - Powell's as dependable as we have
  5. NJ

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Whatareya old? 8-8-88 was there for the first night game
  6. NJ

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Theo just confirmed this in his End of Season presser, Dierk. He is really (Theo) a phenomenal asset to the Cubs organization but he made some bad choices in 2018 that had everything to do with many of the situations Maddon took heat on. My only regret is that the bull pen didn't get exploited and got to hide behind some circumstance driven stats that were far from their reality. Joe is money in so many ways and I hope we have him till he leaves the game.
  7. At least he mixed them up left side to right side. Terrible job by Bates- Sams running for his life - no quick tosses - nothing over the middle. Total crap passing play call except when those screens were working.
  8. exactly - he doesnt have a whole new line coning in with him
  9. he did change sides of the field on his 1 working pass play - but its still working

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