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  1. NJ

    33 Years Ago Today

    Did you consider that without that D backing him, and I expect he knew exactly how good they were, Joe may not have "shot his mouth off"?
  2. NJ

    33 Years Ago Today

    For those that weren't around for it - one of the biggest things Joe did to draw in a nationwide fan base (myself included) was to call the SB victory and then actually do it. Pro jocks (Ali excluded) didn't talk trash and shoot their mouths off in that era so Joe calling the victory was big news. The disparity between the leagues at that time was almost pro vs. semi-pro. The SB win was a BIG deal.
  3. NJ

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    ARod wanted to and got square with Maddon on the Darvish blab which hopefully he would have done without public eye pressure. 2 different club cultures - have to respect where he came from where Steinbrenner got guys outta the way by making them rehab in Florida and made it a goal to get back into the parent clubhouse. Lucky for Cubs in this instance their current culture is family - especially when it comes to a mentally soft guy like Darvish. Keeping him in the fold could make all the difference in whether he comes back strong and earns the money he got. Also and more importantly if the Cubs are going anywhere in the postseason, despite the windfall of obtaining a now solid Hamels, they need pitching desperately.
  4. Lets hope Adams improves on what was a promising rookie campaign - but more importantly that he doesn't learn the Kyle Wilson finger wag from old game film. That would lean his "after the football play" actions toward douchebaggery.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the Great Green Hope start his career. Suspect O line, suspect D, can all be remedied in a relative short time span if we have our QB. Lets go Jets!
  6. NJ

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    Right ... back to your drivel again? I think soccer sucks - but that doesn't matter as it's only an opinion. How bout you go and start a soccer thread as there doesn't seem to be enough interest to have one in Other Sports and post in it till your fingers fall off and stay out of the baseball thread? I promise I won't come in it to tell you how much I believe soccer sucks and hijack the thread from the vital discussions of .... who knows or cares what's vital to it ...... I wouldn't do that because it wouldn't be the right thing to do, but mostly because I don't have sufficient interest in even acknowledging it's a sport.
  7. So there shouldn't be any angst associated with the beginning of the future?
  8. The more options we have to give Sam whatever time he needs to develop - the better off we are. This is nothing but good news as I hope (pray) the Jets staff is looking at this as another option to progress the offense without throwing Darnold to the Lions <rimshot> (and the Bears after that)
  9. NJ

    What are u listening to right now?

    dude - she's doing things in stocking feet on one pedal that I can barely do with both pedals on my double. Incredible. Scuse me ... going to take my shoes off, throw on some argyles and head to the kit in the basement ..
  10. NJ

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    Just like in most aspects of sports .. it's a process. Get back up on the horse and ride my brother.