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  1. Newsflash - you can play the game to win with a QB you've invested a relatively high draft pick on to prove out what you may want to do next in your personnel strategy. That player may not give you the absolute best chance to win the game that means nothing - but unfortunately for your "Gipper" mentality - the ability to potentially make your team stronger is set up to favor teams with worse records. As it should be. End of real story.
  2. Beyond imbecilic .. also putting in the seasoned guy might get another win or 2 and ability to move down some additional draft slots. Genius stuff going on here.
  3. if we're lucky (I'd throw in smart as an alternative, but ..) we will lose our next 6
  4. He and his brother are an embarrassing couple of imbeciles. Whoever is advocating the win for the Gipper routine here needs to go away - if the season ended today we'd be looking at a #10+ draft pick, Enough already - let whichever of the "I suck at QB" brothers finish out the campaign and lets get a viable draft pick to build on. Then get the broom out and get rid of the current personnel and coaching decision makers. None of this is going to happen due to the unfortunate reality contained in the first line of this post.
  5. Remember when..,

    ... we had Woody not understanding .. the football .. rather than his brother understanding it less.
  6. Roy Halladay dead at 40 after plane crash

    Horrible. 1st ballot next year (retired in 13) for certain. Great pitcher and equally great guy. RIP Roy
  7. thank you suck is suck - and they do at least we're not paying Revis type money to the current participants for the same level of suck
  8. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Joe's Gone
  9. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    Great run for a real young team. To steal Maddon's line - look around the field at the birth certificates .. You guys have a lot to look forward to.
  10. Game 6 - Let's go Yankees!

    It's heavenly cheering for a team with a pen ... hope springs eternal ..
  11. Game 6 - Let's go Yankees!

    Might have been time to take out the kid before Altuve