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  1. Engineering change #3 - extended wheelbase for stability and replaced the spreader wheels with greased bearing tires. 9 rounds in so far.
  2. Necessity is absolutely the mother of invention. Adding to the post about NJ golf courses opening - likewise in Illinois along with some pretty ridiculous restrictions. Instead of stipulating the course must wipe down the handles of pull carts - they mandate you cant rent them at all and you must have a handicap parking sticker to rent a riding cart. This created the next hot run of the epidemic after TP and isopropyl alcohol - golf pull carts. Couldn't get one under $400 till mid summer. So viola - last weeks Scotts fertilizer spreader, a $40 trip to Home Depot and about 10 hours in my workshop downstairs became my new golf pull cart. Replete with basket that holds a chair as they have banned using benches on the course and my medicare recipient old ass needs to sit. Have 4 rounds in since 5/1.
  3. Ain't it the best? "you mean I got 4 kidneys?" Dewey Crow ..
  4. Wonder how many lives this little stunt will indirectly take?
  5. I just saw this and wanted to offer my thoughts that I think you did the loving and right thing to end the suffering of the friend and companion you loved so much. As incredibly hard as it is put them down - to do otherwise is selfish on our part. We desperately want keep them around and not to feel the crushing pain of losing them - but if they're physically suffering the loving move is to end that suffering. Others have stated here that it's potentially harder than losing a person in your life - I've lost both parents, close friends, many aunts/uncles/cousins and even a beloved spouse. To me it wasn't even close - losing my little terrier in late 2016 was the most gut wrenching experience I ever went through. It's very hard for awhile but please know you did the right and loving thing. p. s. In late 2018 after waiting till I was ready and looking for quite awhile, I adopted another little knucklehead terrier. She is crazy (predominately West Highland) and almost eerily does many of the same goofy little things that her predecessor did. She brings me a ton of happiness and I think before too much time goes by I will get a sibling for her to play with. But even more so because I'll have at least one around when the first one of them goes to the next life.
  6. It's this kind of excitement that a Becton brings that makes you forget about who our coach is and who the owners are. Lets go Jets!
  7. Sorry my friend - 23 - no words. This guy is def on the side of caution - but I believe what he's telling us - it's 15 minutes long but methinks time well spent: https://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/dr-michael-osterholm-says-high-amount-of-transmission-to-come-82441285976
  8. We know how to screw up DB picks from much bigger schools than Boise State ...
  9. Amen. A whole lot of other ill's can be covered if Sam is protected.
  10. As posted yesterday - remdesivir showing some real early promise. A ways to go before approval but it's looking good enough to possibly be in line for a fast track if the May trial numbers continue to support it. https://www.dw.com/en/antiviral-drug-remdesivir-shows-promise-in-trial-on-monkeys-with-coronavirus/a-53170509
  11. Self honesty makes life good, dude. Zero right and zero wrong with your feelings - it's how you feel.

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