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  1. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    There's nothing to like about a 6 year deal Rob. But he's got 6 pitches he can throw for strikes and maybe he's not done learning from good pitching coaches. If he starts to get rung up consistantly in the starter role after a few years, maybe he morphs into the setup guy or closer. His BB/9 has been trending down since he got here. Way I look at it is if he's the #4 starter we're neigh on an embarrassment an of riches in the rotation, but for my money the smarter play is to be able to say that about your pen - like the Yanks can and do.
  2. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    Absolutely like Christmas in February Dierk, but I honestly would rather they had signed Holland for 2 years. This rotation is going to be very stout. But I still have major doubts about the pen which, now days, is what gets you to the Series. I'll hopefully see him in Cubbie Blue on Saturday in AZ.
  3. Exactly. It was not as much Pederson's confidence in his offense as it was his confidence in Brady & Company's ability to keep his defense on the field and ultimately score points.
  4. Double strippers and whores tonight for Bobby boy to console him
  5. There's no way that they would TIE the number of rings the Steelers have - they'd both be back to try and best it. Now if they lose - who knows
  6. I'm watching only because I believe there's a chance the Iggles can take'em down, Jim. If it gets to be a Pat's blow out or there's another bunch of Cheatriot favored officiating - I'll be quick to start streaming bona fide entertainment.
  7. I would be infinitely more concerned about being associated with Kerry Rhodes anything
  8. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    Javy will show improved discipline at the plate and Almora should finally bloom too.
  9. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    Out of everybody I'm anxious to see in camp - the new Schwarber is tops on the list.
  10. 2016 WS Champions/Cubs Thread

    Theo and consequently we will regret this stance - if it's true. The post season and critical series in the regular season have become a relief pitching stand-offs and hoping to get lucky with some current (and suspect) arms to accomplish that isn't going to work. I though Theo learned that last season - guess not. We won't be able to score enough runs to make up for what we'll give up. Thats ok - we have plenty of years left with this core of bats to be competitive going forward. I'll see them all - including a side trip to Otani-ville in 3 weeks.
  11. It's hard for a mind that's not well to fix a mind that's not well. It's said that 20% of all Americans are afflicted with some form of mental health condition Public awareness that there are viable solutions to emotional and brain chemistry issues is the first step to getting some fixes I work in the drug/alcohol rehab field that see's the product of untreated or more often self-treated mental health issues. We have staff to assess and treat - but I've heard this organization can provide some guidance to those wanting help or at least be used as a starting point: https://www.nami.org/Blogs/NAMI-Blog/January-2018/The-First-Step-in-Getting-Mental-Health-Care https://www.nami.org/mentalhealthcareprofessionals You don't have to go back that far in history to where there was little understanding of these issues and less ability to diagnose and treat them. Not the case today - and with continued support and awareness more people can lead good lives that would have been in emotional or real lock-up before.