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  1. Dolan had bids in but the NFL didn't want him to have the team. No doubt any interface Beli had with Johnson left him anywhere from unimpressed to frightened by the Lucky Sperm Club dildonis about to own the team. https://www.nytimes.com/2000/01/12/sports/the-jets-fill-one-opening-new-owner-at-635-million.html This excerpt from Tuna's book gives a good picture of the scenario: https://www.si.com/nfl/2014/10/15/bill-parcells-excerpt-bill-belichick-new-york-jets
  2. Congrats boys - even at this price it's hard to see this as anything other than a great thing for the Yanks.
  3. I miss Dickie .. he was coarse and crass, but in so being was hysterically funny.
  4. I was going thru old E-mail recently and found a receipt from not long into the current millennium for $50 to Jets Insider. For that sum I got to visit their portal and sort thru biased topics of the football team I follow under the direction of various individuals, many of who's mental stability was highly doubted if not at question. It wasn't a great way to exchange thoughts or feelings about your football passion - but it was all there was especially if you lived out of the fan base area. Then Max with the help of some other's broke away and started this place with some simple guidelines - no talk about Politics, Religion, and no personal attacks. Many of us quickly followed and the same simple recipe has grown into the best Jet's site in the world. Imagine in today's political climate what this would be like without those simple rules in place. Thank you Max and crew for giving us a great place to come to.
  5. And have world class inept ownership to ensure this remains the case so long as they are allowed to own the team.
  6. Probably cause he heard footsteps from our guy 8 yards behind him
  7. If we'd ah had 4 guys on him instead of 3 .. no way he'd a caught it
  8. His brother has a more documented career at losing - but the younger dildonis is catching up quickly. How lucky are we that we can follow the product of their joint ineptitude?
  9. Lost me when “Me and Mr. Johnson are really close, I have a lot of respect for him" came out his mouth
  10. Yes it does. Hopefully sooner than later it becomes everyone who follows this teams' focus. Only then will anything be better.
  11. Simply ... Beli exploited a garbage OL to the degree that a young inexperienced QB drowned and drowned quickly. Sam isn't "done" or "bad" - he will be back and thrive. He has the skill set. I don't know how to explain the inept defense even with Mosley back.
  12. Apology accepted. Unfortunately it doesn't matter as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Johnson will replace him and the rest of the management Band of Shwances as soon as this revision of the bed shatting is complete.
  13. I'm all in on this bro - we are nothing going nowhere so long as those azzwipes own this team.
  14. Back to Kotite era levels of sympathy/astonishment when wearing Jet regalia around Chi-town. Walked out of a Walgreens after the game today with my Jets hoodie on and had a millennial tell me "I'm sorry man"
  15. Yeah bro - worst part is we'll have to hear about it all week. I'd happily swap rosters/problems with them.
  16. And it really doesn't matter if he's more incompetent than his witless brother or not.
  17. If you can get any comfort from "well at least we're not supposed to be good" - Chucky and Co. are taking the Bears to the woodshed but good.
  18. Never thought I would ever miss Chad under center. His "game management" would be welcomed at this point.

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