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  1. Kyle Wilson - toast extraordinaire Geno . . . him getting molly-whopped was a season highlight and should have happened weekly Jason Taylor - breathing piece of excrement Becht - ugh And last but not at all least - Chad. Not a horrible person but if he was 25% as good as he thought he was, he might have been serviceable.
  2. Warfish - do what your doc says, get rid of that sh_t and get better soon. We have exciting football on the horizon.
  3. 7 pro bowls - certain
  4. One part of me says don't get rid of him but the other side says lets see what he'd do elsewhere - that would be telling.
  5. There was a little too much good that came out of the Jet's offense after White stepped into the exact same set of conditions that Zach had wet the bed in to be a total anomaly or fluke.
  6. Here's for hoping . . . but history is the only certainty
  7. How bout it Jimmy? Another OL or 2 (in case Becton eats himself to death) and another viable FA signing for the LB corps/D backfield and we could have something here. Great job Joe!
  8. Applause to Gaga for making that come off as good as it did. A lesser human (which there is no shortage of in that environment) might have made that completely unwatchable.
  9. The consummate loser, owner of my football team doesn't make the cut. But the breathing bowel movements that own my baseball team are front runners. Very happy to not care less about soccer, but feel bad for the Chelsea fan base if they get the team.
  10. RIP Taylor . . . thanks for the music
  11. Very surprised if this kid doesn't do big things for us going forward
  12. Great move for us - keep'em coming. He may not be our long term solution at TE but is certainly an upgrade
  13. Thanks Dude! Many can wail - but wailing whilst changing Time Signature like turning the dial on a potentiometer is reserved for MF'ers. All the better he's playing it with fellow MF'er on bass Victor W!
  14. First I heard of this - thanks for the heads up. Luv me some Raylan and Art. Just read the write up on it and apparently in the sequel Raylan goes to to Detroit (@gob) As I told the lady - who loved the show as much as I did - there's plenty of fk'ers to shoot up there!
  15. Dee Milliner was horse bleep in Jet Green. Indifferent as to what he was elsewhere.
  16. Well - #1 pick QB is kicking tail today - lets see if #2 can do thusly
  17. Prayers out to Lauren. I know she will continue to fight till she knocks cancer out of the ring.
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