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    I'd have to kill you
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    Boca Raton, Fla
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    golf, Jets & Jets road trips
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    Utilities Superintendent

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    being at Super Bowl 3
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    no, long trip every week from Fla
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    most recently the 1998 Championship game, but there are many others
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    The blond
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    see favorite memory

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  1. Jetfan13


    Tabor, I see what you did there...
  2. Jetfan13

    Jets Offensive Line

    Or he will get the sh*t kicked out of him and be ruined for life.
  3. Jetfan13

    Jets Offensive Line

    Or he will get the sh*t kicked out of him and be ruined for life.
  4. After reading some comments, I honestly don't understand why some of you are still Jet fans, SMH.
  5. Just read the 1st line and threw up in my mouth. Same old crap, nothing to see here.
  6. Still want to sign this ass wipe? REPORT: Richie Incognito Placed in Psychiatric Hold After Gym Incident Joseph Jungermann 7 hrs ago President Trump to react to NFL’s new anthem rule on FOX News Deshaun Watson pleased with knee in Texans' OTAs © Brett Carlsen/GettyImages Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills What in the world is going on with former Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito? The man is one TMZ-quality incident away from being a regular on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." The drama from his camp has been bizarre this offseason, to say the least. Firing his agency, retiring, asking for release, unretiring, throwing dumbells at a person in a local gym—it's hard to keep up with the madness. The 34-year-old four-time Pro Bowler with mountains of talent is now in the midst of a potential career-ending meltdown after Boca Raton Police Department arrested him on Wednesday. According to Buffalo ABC affiliate, WKBW (h/t Deadspin's Laura Wagner), a victim stated that Incognito got into an argument with another man over politics, threw a tennis ball at him, screamed "get off my f---ing playground" and then hurled a weight at the guy. Instead of getting arrested, the 12-year NFL veteran was placed under "involuntary psychiatric hold." Incognito underwent a similar scenario of mental evaluation during the 2013-14 bullying incident with teammate Jonathan Martin. At that time, he checked himself into an Arizona facility for therapy to deal with the aftermath and pay the price for his treatment toward Martin. You have to wonder what underlying issue is causing all of this as the motives and details from this latest gym issue still remain murky at the moment.
  7. Jetfan13

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    2 words: Brian Schottenheimer
  8. Jetfan13

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    If we throw Sam in to early, his career just might look like your avatar.
  9. Future Pro-Bowler? NAH
  10. Jetfan13

    Third overall pick is...

    Who is the best tight end available?
  11. Jetfan13

    Third overall pick is...

    WAIT, he wore a F Trump hat? I'm all in, ROSEN.
  12. Jetfan13

    Third overall pick is...

    Don't laugh, would that actually surprise anyone?
  13. I don't remember that, that sucks.
  14. not a bad choice, class all the way.