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    RIP Savage69

    RIP my dear friend, Judy and I will miss you terribly. Say hi to Weeb
  2. He's now lost by 20+ points for the 8th time in his 24 games as HC of the NYJ. Yes, you read that right. 1 out of every 3 games he's lost by 20+ points! Fire Gase now let's not forget that he just lost by double-digits for the 13th time in 24 games. 54% of the time! Again, congrats to our "Football Man", coach Adam Gase!
  3. I know its not likely but Im hoping they play the 2 LA games back to back so I can fly out, stay for 10 days and see both.
  4. Eli: “What is this?” Daniel Jones: “A picture of the play Jason Garrett drew up” Eli: “It’s just a picture of him clapping though...” Daniel Jones: “I know” Eli: “I’m gonna retire Daniel. I’m out”
  5. No way right? U know we will be there, fly home for the next game and back again the next week. But WHAT IF? 9 days in Cali would be an awesome vacay.
  6. Great story and memories, God’s strength to u and your family.
  7. So we trade players for more draft picks?
  8. U guys r all idiots. Wanna know why we don’t have any stars? Because they know we will just trade them away before resigning them and they will get more money somewhere else so why bother working hard.
  9. Jetfan13


    Does the by week count as week 4 of his suspension?
  10. Dolphins want to move Minkah Fitzpatrick. A lot of you guys don’t like Leonard Williams. We need DB’s, they can use a D-Lineman. Both young, both 1st round picks, what say you? BTW, I like Leonard but we need some cover guys.
  11. I don’t think I have ever seen such a drop off when a player left the game injured as when CJ left
  12. Never would have believed there would be that drastic of a talent drop off when he got hurt...
  13. Well no worries about Mac anymore
  14. Wait, I thought he sucked and we should trade him? That’s what all the back seat GM’s here said.
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