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  1. Happy Birthday. Today you are a lotta bit special.
  2. Anyone watch the game? The horrible play of the Offensive Line, what is the explanation for that? Dog fighting. It is the only thing that makes sense in this otherwise crazy world.
  3. When the truth comes out you owe me an apology. Think about it. Vick is from Atlanta. Kendall has been to Atlanta. How much more proof do you need?
  4. Nobody here will believe me. Take some time and think about this before you blast me. What if Mangini wanted to get rid of Kendall only because he was somehow tied in to the dog fighting thing with Vick? Think about it... It really is the only logical explanation. Kendall is a good player. Mangini is a good guy. He would have certainly just given Peter more money. Except the Jets know there is a scandal looming. In Vick's court papers it said that there were several unnamed players that may be brought up at a later date, including a Top 5 NBA star. They will all be prosecuted. Now is not the time. So Mangini decided to rid himself and the team, of this potential distraction. Could you imagine Super bowl week and all they were asking is dog fighting questions? It would be bad and I am glad Eric had the thought to get rid of this problem now. I have no first hand proof that Peter was involved. This is just speculation on my part.
  5. Hey Bren baby. I got two for you. Nice view. PM me for details.
  6. Actually I just checked. I am a man. Keep forgetting. Gotta love the miracles of modern day science
  7. I am a lady. And I have never been to a Nambla site. If this is how the mods here treat people then I guess this site isnt for me.
  8. Word from Hofstra is that Mangini will need a 2 and 2 preseason to keep his job. Woody won't tolerate losing and wants to show that he means business. Seems harsh but I like the new level of accountability.
  9. You mean it's not? Someone should send what you wrote to Hermy. That clown needs to be inspired. You should write more.
  10. I have it on a good source close to the team that Woody's girlfriend is 5 months pregnant. This will be Woody's first SON. The child is due in mid March. Looks like we've got ourselves the next Jets owner. Let's hope he does a better job picking a Front Office staff. The legacy continues...Congrats Woody.
  11. After Reed walloped Vilma in the face, he gets a free pass from me. At least someone on the team is showing some passion. At least he cares 'cause no one does.
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