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  1. *bump* (because i'm still confused) So is that a yes or no? The chronologically (boom long word) last game played of the regular season is the first game in the playoffs?
  2. I think it's worse that on yahoo.com only Charles Robinson picked the Jets. Assclown. OT: Is this the first time the first postseason game is a replay of the last regular season game? If this has been said somewhere else my b, if not I want a medal. Probably my b though
  3. its the Franchez. I'm already locked in with that name and dont want to change. It's hard to remove tattoos
  4. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/09/01/preseason-power-rankings-no-23/ i stopped reading after drob was mentioned as money well spent. And not including mangini being on board with favre, etc. I love PFT but they f*d up here
  5. so the cards give up leinart and boldin for marshall, and the broncos just give boldin to the chiefs? Or the cards give boldin away for free? yeah i see this happening
  6. So I had a fantasy draft today and three of my starters are Jets. Cotchery, Keller and the D. Then Leon is my fourth back, and in round 17 i selected Mr. Sanchez. Just wanted to share.
  7. where did he go? i missed his posts last year. Does anyone know what happened?
  8. he was talkin about teams in general. And do you think the Pats have ever needed "bulletin board" material to get ready for a game?
  9. a new banner with mark sanchez in it? VIP section?
  10. A guy a work with is a big Giants fan and he was going on about their D. Me being sleep deprived made a bet with him about our defenses. I bet him that for the regular season the jets will have a better D under this scenario, We'll take the rankings of the D in three categories: 1. PPG 2. Takeaways 3. Sacks The lowest overall number wins. Was this a good bet or did I just throw away money?
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