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  1. On the rest of the season:

    Bollywood or bust. Let the kid get all the snaps he can to see if he can be a #2 in this league. Maybe he plays well enough to push Chad and Jay in the offseason.

    Since Herm decided to publicly state getting Martin a 1,000 yards as a goal that goal needs to be met. Don't shame the franchise anymore by not reaching it. Afterwards Martin should see 12 carries a game tops. The lack of solid production is enough proof to justify Houston getting some carries.

    Throw the DB's into the fire. Miller is already there, but keep him there when Barrett is healthy. Let Strait get legitimate amounts of playing time. Props on getting Washington time.

    At the next possible chance have Nugent try a 50-55 yard FG. Why not?

    On The Offseason:

    Do what needs to be done to make sure Martin is not the starter. Whether cut, or greatly reduced cap hit, he's no longer worth that contract.

    Terry B. should do his best George Bush impersonation and stay the course with the QB situation. Open competition at the QB position for every position on the depth chart. If Bolly can be good enough to be a #2 and Chad wins out for the job (or if Chad is well enough to be a backup), cut Jay. Of course if Chad doesnt restructure can we cut him? Any info on that out there?

    Find a middle of the road DT. Anyone else wish we signed that Seahawks DT we brought in for a visit this offseason(Bernard?)

    Goodbye Law. We thought you were going to seal the deal for our Super Bowl trip, and instead we sit near the bottom of the NFL. Valiant Effort. Draft a project at corner to be the dime back. Open competition for the top three corner spots between Barrett, Miller, Strait. If theres a relativly cheap starter at safety on the free agent market it bring him in for an open competition at the safety spots. Coleman seems to have been blowing coverages the last two games.

    Buy Ben Graham an Outback Steakhouse franchise as part of a contract extension locking him up for 5 years.

    Goodbye Herm. Hopefully Terry Goes with you. Ron W. are you out there? If not him someone with strongggggg scouting credentials. Let's get solid players out of the draft instead of special teams players. Coaching wise? Promote Donnie. Hopefully he lets Dinger do his thing, and we can get a stretch of continuity in coaching for at least the next 3 years. Hopefully by then our offense is clicking, and maybe Dinger leaves for a HC spot.

    And no I wasn't completly sober when i wrote this.

  2. I come to you as broken and bitter man, but I have emerged from my period of depression with new hope... a new hope for this new Jets team led by Brooks Bollinger.

    Am I optimistic about Bollywood's chances as a NFL starting Quarterback? No... but with no other options, I have no choice. So instead of writing off this season I'm going to become the biggest Brooks and Jets homer this world has ever seen. I still have hope. I believe that nothing in the NFL is decided until the games are played and I honestly believe Brooksie might be able to salvage this season. Joseph Roux said "At first we hope too much; later on, not enough". Every Jet fan knows this is true at this crucial point of the season but I haven't given up hope. I think Brooksie can be a leader and to steal another quote "What is a leader, but a dealer in hope". So yes the talk of us being contenders will end, but the dream of detroit will live on.

  3. The jets just signed him to the pracitce squad... anybody with any info on him? My friend is a huge broncos homer so until he was cut he made this guy seem like the second coming even though he never saw the field...

  4. Faba is in charge, followed by the wee mcccabe techno-creature, then Smizzy, then Guns, then Buzzsaw (on loan from JI), then if all else fails it will go "blue screen," then me.

    I rank right behind "blue screen," but right in front of fatcatxl.

    For now TomShane... but someday the cheerleaders shall rise up and take our rightful place.

  5. Random side question. If Jones comes in and dominates at RT this year (not saying itll happen but play along...) do you consider moving him to LT next year, since people rave about his athletic ability which might be better suited on the left side?

  6. Random side question. If Jones comes in and dominates at RT this year (not saying itll happen but play along...) do you consider moving him to LT next year, since people rave about his athletic ability which might be better suited on the left side?

  7. i can only cheer in person buddy... but when i travel out to detroit to see the jets play in the SB ill give you a show... of course i gotta be drinkgni like i am now... and yes im basically the youngest poster besides EB50 but still... that being said go jets.

  8. ... herm should get some credit for the motivation & management skills of getting his team to play and perform as well as they have along with the 3 playoffs in 4 years. he also deserves the blame for some of our clock management /timeout type decisions. i believe he continues to become a better coach year in / year out & is a work in progress. i definitely believe it was primarily herm who chose hendu to come in & run the "d" last season & he should get a lot of credit for the amazing job the "d" did with becoming a top-notch cohesive unit under hendu. we have nowhere to go but up as far as game day management on the offensive side & herm (as well at T-B & woody's wallet) should get credit for bringing the "dinger" in to run the show on that side of the ball...

    ... basically is herm - bill bellichek ? no, but neither are any of the other 30 teams coaches ... we should take a moment to consider the downside of our coaching rotation through the jets history & appreciate the fact that he is one of the better coaches that we've had ...

    ... many good decisions on his part coaching wise & personnel wise ... to go along with many clock-management poor decisions...

    ... he corrected the slow start to a season issue last year ...

    ... if herm corrects the clock management issue this season he will have my full support ...



  9. I also pick Montana. It's weird I'm hesitant to say he's the greatest in my opinion, but he's the QB I'd feel most confident with.

    Then Walter Payton. I feel with these two on offense role players would be more than able to pick up the slack at the skilled positions.

    It pains me to say it because i don't think hes in the top 10 greatest players of all time, but Ray Lewis. He's a great MLB and he'd bring an attitude I'd want for the D.

  10. Debating the merits, and personnel, of Hendu utilizing a 3-4 defense as part of his defensive strategy for the upcoming season. patsfantx

    I think Dewayne could play decent at least at NT, with Ellis playing an excellent 3-4 DE. On the other side for DE i'm going to just have to plug in Bryan Thomas against my will. He's a decent stopgap till a better solution if this became our base set.

    Abe would have to play in the pashrushing OLB roll a.l.a.a Terrell Suggs (But with hopefully even better sacks since now he's even more specialized into that pass rushing role). Vilma obviously in the middle, with Barton playing the other middle spot. Hobson would stay on the outside. I think we could have a lot of interchange about some of this players, which could help us mix up blitzes and coverages and what not so it might be able to be effective.

    If Hendu could make a great set of blitzes out of it to get pressure to help the secondary, the players would be fine at stopping the run. Robinson is decent, ellis and thomas excell at it (and ellis has a decent rush as does robinson). Abraham of course could be put down into a three point stance at any time and switch with BT or just switch to a 4-3 helping to disguise our blitzes and coverages. Him in a roving pass rushing role would work beautifully i think. Vilma just needs to continue being Vilma and he'll be just fine. He's gonna be talked about as one of the great all time Jets some day.

    Barton I think would be decent inside. This is his draft profile from college.

    He is almost undersized and has the frame that suits the OLB position more than an ILB. He has excellent overall AA, speed and range and he is another guy that can be a sideline to sideline player. He has good cover skills and should fit in nicely as an inside nickel LB. He is a good hitter for his size, but he is not a real explosive player and he can be overpowered if an OG gets to his body. He may get a long look at OLB by NFL teams, but he has enough overall skills as a special teams performer, nickel type LB, etc. to be a strong consideration in the middle rounds.

    I think he'd be a lesser Vilma. Hobson would be the weak link (but definatly not crippled... he's def. a decent player) on the strongside (the one piece away from the idoled superunit of a front seven). Pray for Boulware.

  11. See Max, I was debating between two thread topics to start:

    1). Debating the merits, and personnel, of Hendu utilizing a 3-4 defense as part of his defensive strategy for the upcoming season.

    2). Favorite drink thread.

    If I started #1, there would be no responses.

    Since I know how you check the post count totals every 5 minutes, I wanted to start one to pad your stats.

    BTW, PennyBoy and CuMar taught me all about padding stats. :wink:

    Id respond that that first thread... ill start one now.

  12. GJ&H it all just came to me in an epiphany... ur right. Adding boulware would do more than adding law. Our secondary wasnt thattttttt crappy last year and if mcgraw can come back healthy and miller, strait, or mickens can replace donnie (and more than likely improve the position) boulware would make our front seven insane. In a pash rushing role, the amount of pressure we could get on the QB would make our secondary look so much better. If our offense doesnt suck as badly as last year, we'd be a better team.

  13. fellas fellas fellas.... come on now don't hate. Yes LL it was a 100% serious article. Kinda. vaguely.

    P.S. Only cheered in basketball. I do have a letter in football too. So yes I am a two sport athlete... technically.

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