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  1. id bust one out for you smizz but im a lil tired. I gotta get up in the morning and go watch a cheer comp. (unfortuantly one that im not part of :( )... a friday wasted without being wasted. I won't lie im kinda depressed about that.

    Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol

  2. Ya could do much worse than being a thread killer. :lol:

    I figure that being the only brave soul Steelers fan on a site should at least earn me "King Steeler dude" honors. :wink:

    see if i were maxman id go the route of giving you Big Ben's Bodacious Butt Buddy... or something similar. It just rolls off the tongue lol.

    And what the hell is that weird rabbit type thingy? I've had nightmares about that thing.

  3. Savage:

    Without GGG and Brenda we wouldn't be news at all.

    DO YOU POST? Brenda actually goes around saying this. We owe more to these two then we can ever possibly repay them for.

    If we are successfull here it will be 98% because of them, 1% because of dumb luck and 1% because people want to know if Tom and I ever get married.

    Can i be the maid of honor if you do? I mean the best man... def. best man.

  4. I'm currently going to bed A-Rod and since i sleep in the buff it would be the wrong time to explain the situation to you. Actually it seems like the perfect time. pull a tomshane or a smizzy and come on over for a hands on demo....

  5. I do love you bro...but when you say " we won best corepgraphy" i can't stop laughing,i mean that was suppose to impress me right?

    I love cheerleader....i loved them all the time in school but they didn't have a Boy's on the squad.

    Do not lie you are impressed... lol it meant a lot at the time cause we got a big shiney trophy... Wheres your big shiney trophy? Huh? Huh?

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