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  1. u_dunst_hi.jpg

    Go fatcat ,go fatcat go!!

    come to the darkside smizzy... you know you want to wear one of those uniforms. What size skirt do you wear? I'd also like to point out at a national competition last year GHS finished 2nd in our divison, 7th overall and won best coreography which appearantly i can't spell.

  2. I'm kind of partial to RetardWorld, myself.

    btw, FATCAT YOU SEXY a$$ MALE CHEERLEADIN MANIAC, you'd be the first one I'd invite. Holla. Especially those booty shorts.

    Oh tomshane... hey can i call you NAMBLA buddy for short? Oh NAMBLA buddy that means a lot to me... especially since i picked out those booty shorts just for you. Hope you like hot pink.

  3. Mention the other site here man. DO IT. DO IT.

    Tom will ban you faster then you can say, "You know what we need, we need the Perfect Cheer!"

    If there is ever a jetnation get together im gonna crash it in my old cheer uniform... you guys will be amazed. or appalled. I give you options at least.

  4. FATCAT YOU SEXY a$$ MALE CHEERLEADIN MANIAC!!! Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, but it was funny. :lol: Rick Lyle really IS God! :lol:


    Now SEXY ASS MALE CHEERLEADIN MANIAC would be a smashing posting title for me...

    wow weird post i need to lay off the green stuff.

  5. hey i was to afraid to check lol... i saw some guy on there checked himself but i wasnt sure. I'm trying to avoid all mention of either site on the other cause i don't want to banned from either. Especially this site because you guys accept me for who i am... a thread killer who brings up random points that ruin good conversations.

  6. nah im not an UA cheerleader yet :( give me a year i had to community college myself this year lol. I guarentee any cheerleader doesnt consider cheering for teams a sport. But look at any of the competitions... if figure skating is a freaking sport so are we. Look at some of the videos and ask yourself... could i do that? lol a 3 minute routine isnt easy.

  7. Some of my favorite quotes... strange they're the most disturbing...

    Catherine: I want you.

    Jake: But, you're my sister.

    Catherine: Only by blood.

    Janey Briggs: Hey Ricky, what'd you do this weekend?

    Ricky Lipman: Well, Friday night I stood outside your window - in the pouring rain - screaming your name for several hours. And then I spent all of Saturday and Sunday making you this great "Janey I've Been Desperately Trying To Tell You That I Am Madly In Love With You" ummmm... Mix Tape for your birthday.

    Janey Briggs: A mix tape? Awwwww that's so sweet Ricky. See you in English

    The Coach: Can he still play?

    Trainer: He's in a coma!

    The Coach: Answer the question!

  8. can we add a poll here? whose the hottest chick in the movie? The Not Popular but still beautiful even though shes a rebel girl? The Dirtiest girl (chest sh**s, Cruel Inentions Girl)? Or the cheerleading girl?

    I vote NPBSBETSAR girl myself.

    hope this doesnt ruin ur thread alk lol cause i love that movie. I am appalled... That's horrible. That really disturbs me. I Can't Believe No One Has Ever S**t On Your Chest Before!

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