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  1. ok a couple things... yeah i think we f*d up with williams cause of ferguson. Yet i think both dallas and oakland over paid for them... by a lot. Does anyone else thing fergy is worth that much? Or lamont at 5 million per year? That 2 million per year diff. couldnt have come from them using us as a spring board for a bigger contract from another team. Fergy just was overpaid by parcells (ala vinny T. and mo lewis). Williams we lost out on cause we had a hard on for fergy so we f*d up there all on our own. Payne I have no idea about... any idea what we said and offered to him?

  2. yeah he said his friend heard it on a pittsburgh radio station but the pitt board on f2fa.com doesnt have anything... and no one else has mentioned anything about it either so I'm guessing its an unfounded rumor. Still imagine if we got plax, and the coles for moss trade went down.

  3. Probably still the wrong thread but I have a source that says Plax to the Jets is a done deal.

    The mod locked my thread last night but I stand behind what I heard.

    With the coles deal back on its doubtful... Maxman has this guy posted anything besides Plax to Jets?

  4. Long Post:

    Back in junior year of highschool, my football team went to a football camp. Appearantly my coaches spent too many lonely nights watching remember the titans. This place was in the middle of nowhere in central NY in a town called either Lumberland or Hawk's Nest. We saw signs that said both and couldn't decide.

    The first thing that happened when we got there was we talked to the owner of the camp. Out comes the man the myth the legend... Ken Fiedler. Jay's dad told us many fine things that day such as "difference between nfl qb and college qb? *holds fingers an inch apart* dat much... dat much. Jay crossed the line... can you?" Then we werent allowed to go down to the lake in our free time cause there wasnt a lifeguard "So dont go down to the lake cause someone would have to pay the fine. I can't pay the fine... you can't pay the fine... jay? jay can pay the fine"

    Alright that was totally random and i probably killed yet another thread... but it was a major turning point in my life and i had to share.

  5. alright im killing this thread witha nice random insane quote. Cyber has no place on a message board like this. Unless im involved. Which Im not. You whores.

    If your friend is already dead, and being eaten by vultures, I think it's okay to feed some bits of your friend to one of the vultures, to teach him to do some tricks. But ONLY if you're serious about adopting the vulture.

  6. hey im def. for coles coming home... id cry tears of real joy if he came back. I just don't think it will happen and the whole thing is just like the ladies (and some men) on this board... a huge huge c*** tease.

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