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  1. http://www.profootballtalk.com/2009/04/10/austin-visits-with-jets-after-all/ Contrary to a report from the New York Daily News that Cowboys receiver Miles Austin has yet to meet with the Jets, Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Austin indeed visited the Jets on Friday. We
  2. That 3rd year rule isn't a legit reason to sign someone. I'm not even sure why its so accepted. http://sports.espn.go.com/fantasy/football/ffl/story?page=nfldk2k83rdyrWR There's more out there. Saying most WR's make a name for themselves in the 3rd year is way too much of a blanket statement. How many 3rd year breakouts had 18 receptions at the time of their career year?
  3. Aikman finished behind rodney peete his final year. Although Aikman is the most overrated QB of all time.
  4. completely different? did tanny and the entire scouting department leave with Mangini? Why are people complaining about something that won't happen. Quit comparing receivers in the 2nd round with Miles Austin since we arent going to trade our 2nd for him. The whole doing well in the 4th round is partially luck. If we really knew was going to be what he is today you don't think we would have heard his name before schlegel, eric smith, and brad smith?
  5. Only two people had given a maybe to this by the time I posted. Are you saying jetnation.com isn't the only Jets board on the internet? Cause then I'll say it. I don't believe you.
  6. Tanny will not give up a 2nd for him. Write it down. Stop yelling how this is crazy, or stupid or whatever. He's in for a visit. McCarriens 2.0 means we would send a third for him since it was a round lower than the tender offer. I doubt we do that. If we sign him and give up a 2nd I'll sponge bath Jenkins for a year. That's a promise. Now everyone shut the hell up and stop being ignorant about how a 2nd would be too much. No **** it'd be too much. *i bet we give up a 2nd for him now*
  7. because a RFA has never been traded for less than their tender offer. Knock out a contract, send a lower draft pick and hope for the best. Justin McCariens was tendered at a 1st round level.
  8. can we start a draft day (where you at homie?) thread? I got some questions about goin. Me and my buddies go every year, and every year we say were gonna stay both days to get tickets for next year, and we end up going home cause the first night sucked so bad.
  9. since i'm a homer I'm going to blame favre's last five games on his injury. If he didnt play like dog **** we make the playoffs. All of a suddenly that ****ty trade now got us to the playoffs in the minds of the writers. Do we make the playoffs with an uninjured favre? Yes. Do we make the playoffs with pennington? Yes. Do we make the playoffs with Clemens? Yes. If Favre isn't injured that move looks good. Injuries happen. A 3rd was worth the risk. The 2nd we would have given up for the playoffs would have hurt, but it would have been hard to argue against. P.S. I'm kicking Robinson in the gibblets.
  10. Who's the biggest bag of water and vinegar writing? Right now for me it's Charles Robinson. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AmwCRkFAXxRZMXXg3PavCfBDubYF?slug=cr-jetsfuture021109&prov=yhoo&type=lgns http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AjdoGD0boLLlZrGo5lhPcn5DubYF?slug=cr-afcoffseasonstorylines021309&prov=yhoo&type=lgns Appearantly we're retarded for the farve trade and we'll never recover. How many Jet fans truly have Cassel pipe dreams? Don't have delusions of Warner? WTF? STFU. Yes this thread was started cause I hate this tool. If I ever get in a fight with him I'll head butt him in the taint.
  11. in his defense Im sure carroll only gave booty the nod based on his name. It's pretty solid.
  12. are we talking about the sanchez that would be a fifth year senior? The one that had been at USC for four years? The one getting his degree this spring? He has a fifth year of eligibility left. He's not really leaving early in my mind.
  13. now are you including each created thread in that #? cause half of them will be from the same articles and if i take the over and they all get merged Ill be pissed.
  14. has he spruced up the wardrobe? remember: NO SWEATPANTS IN DA CLUB. Club = meeting new and exciting people meeting new and exciting people in sweatpants = scrub scrub = average to below average football player eventually the law of averages will play out and burress will start to suck. You just watch.
  15. it makes a pretty sweet verb. I'm gonna go to the bar, pick up a chick, and Boldin the living **** out of her.
  16. 2nd cousins through marriage though. So it's all in the family.
  17. You know who else wears sweatpants to clubs? Chris Brown and Freddie MItchell. You don't f* with stats like that.
  18. I forgot... when did moss shoot himself in the leg? Plus do we really want someone who would wear sweatpants to a club? Anquan Boldin only wears Armani. Thats who we should trade for.
  19. If arizona started me at qb I'd be able to throw for at least 10 tds during the year, just because I would know the general area Larry Fitz is in. If the Jets started me at qb I'd throw for 2. Both against the Pats because Cotch would come up with an amazing play. Thats a true story btw.
  20. somewhere someone must be able to think up a cruel, cruel, joke involving yelling the snap count. or calling plays. or something. something cruel.
  21. pace is 28, jenkins 29. The Jenkins move looks pretty damn spiffy, and though Pace may have been overpaid it's not like the front office thought we'd only get 2-3 years out of him. A youngish player to be a main part of our defense. faneca probably has 3 good/decent years left. woody 2? Replacing Woody wouldn't be horribly expensive. It's not like replacing an all-pro. Serviceable tackle. Favre was def. a win now mode, but it's not like him being gone takes out our core.
  22. Faneca, Woody, Ellis, Jenkins, Jones, Coles. Those are the only players that we really need to worry about due to age right now. Jenkins is only on there cause he's a large, large, man and 29 x 360 lbs isnt the same wear and tear as a normal person. Barton too, but I consider him to be gone already. Revis, Rhodes, Washington, Harris, Cotch, Pace, Mangold, D'brick. It's not exactly we dont have any relatively young players to build a core around.
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