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  1. yeah id rather have smoot... but i think woodson will still be a hell of a corner but he'll never be mentioned as one of the top 2 or 3 corners again. If he demands too much money i wouldn't sign him, but for a 15 mill signing bonus spread out over 6 yrs or so? if he'd agree to those terms id be happy.

  2. Could there be a possible Jordan for Woodson swap in the makings?

    It would never happen but... damn maybe it could happen. Unlikely but Davis ahs done some crazy stuff before, and they need to unload that contract. We'd probably have to throw in more (cowart and a 2nd maybe?) but i could see it getting done if we agreed on a contract.

  3. The godfather has spoken.

    Quality over quantity Max.... I know the idea of cracking skulls while the site's still a fledgling has to sting a bit, but in the long run the site will be the biggest and best it can be by pruning off the.... ahem.... deseased branches as quickly as possible.

    Besides, how do you think this kid is going to react when I write my "Glassjaw Pennington" post/essay? or when TX points out that DeWayne Robertson looks like a chubbier Oprah Winfrey?

    I had him pegged as more of a star jones myself... that being sad how does the internet bring up such animosity? I mean come on don't take this crap seriously. Watch:

    TomShane you're a homo.

    See? no harm done... just roll with all the punchs baby.

  4. I'd hardly call myself a newbie you raging bull queer. Though I don't spend the majority of my day posting on another team's message board (I still can't fathom the concept, you faggot) I am quite confident that I know more of my team and my team's needs than both of you trolls. Hop off his junk real quick.

    A. Internet arguments are retarded...

    B. If you get in one theres only one way to lose and you found it. Acting like it's important and seeming like you are legitimatly mad.

    C. I need to end this thread... why all the hate fellas?

  5. Did you miss the memo? No Bradway bashing as long as I'm here. Ask Max and Tom...they agreed to it.

    Hey newbie, RichardSeymour makes Bradway look like a flaming A-Hole.

    Can you imagine what he'll make you look like? :lol:

    But some of TomShanes all time great quotes is Bradway bashing.... don't take the man out of his element.

  6. I really think Henry will wind up in Arizona even though now it seems that the deal is far from complete (or so says my friend). I really think miami is set in for the draft so I can really only see the raiders and the bucs making a run. Unless woodson is traded that leaves the bucs as the only ones able to sign him. profootballweekly.com has in their whisper section that jordan's named is being tossed around down in Buckland. (what book is that from?) Yet they have decent money tied up in garner. Do they have cap room to pay big bucks to two backs?

  7. Damn what happens when our thread killer starts a thread? HHHmmmm.

    I had not heard anything about Smoot coming here. Anyone have a link of some sort? Or was it only on the FAN.

    To answer your first question... I'll just add a reply to myself. I am the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end.

    Idk if there's a link out there... i just read a post on JI where icwt10 said he heard it on the radio.

  8. That is my stupid cousin. He's easily the dumbest of my family--we call him "Fitzy the jackass" because he can't really hang with us when talking quantum physics. He called me to say he got a perfect score on the Wonderlich and I had to remind him that I wrote the Wonderlich. Freaking Harvard pukes, man. I tellya. :lol:

    says the man who spelled wonderlic wrong....

  9. NO NO NO. I am the Captain of the football team. I don't wait in the lunch line.

    TomShane is the Head Cheerleader. She doesn't wait either.

    We didn't make the rules, we are just doing what society taught us!

    Look at the pic in my ava... I should be the head cheerleader. Im the one with the experience.

  10. hey...

    Sir InChadWeTrust10... a knight of the JI order reported that someone from the NY post was on the fan and said that the jets and steelers are front runners for Smoot. Anythoughts?

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