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  1. I can't think up a good one lol. My jokes are stuck to homosexuality basically. You'll learn that I offer nothing to a message board except gay jokes and an occasional rampage against the jets F.O. or reggie tongue/anthony becht type player.

    I thank thee maxman for considering me deserving. With your awesome administration powers i shall ever be in service to you... including the required amount of ass kissing to stay on your good side. :lol:

  2. You did win it. What did you want? I will hook you up.

    Talking to Tom is senseless.

    How Maxman you are generous as you are wise. I must leave for a short while and have not had time to think of a title fitting of a poster of my low standing. Anything that the all powerful administrator would consider worthy I'd be honored to accept. That being said... please please dont make it a crappy one lol.

  3. hey TomShane ill thank you when i get my posting title you dirty lil man. I won that thing yesterday for guessing about ur spiting tendencies. Remember last new years? That goat? I still have the pics... now wheres my posting title?

  4. well fellas im off to also partake in the drinking of vodka and smoking of certain flaura (sp?)... wish me luck. btw when i get back in the morning (or afternoon more likely) I demand to have a posting title made and ready for me... I have certain pictures and videos that should never be made public. Right TomShane? Right Maxman? excellent

  5. alright im gonna stay away from the topic of AROD's cherry... on ji.com (idk if you guys are still able to view or if ur IP address is blocked) someone posted that the deal is still alive, or so they heard on espn radio, and then the newbs were debating back and forth... mind you it was probably one of the rookies who brought up that it was still alive so idk if it can be trusted... just sharing.

  6. i have a decent left hook :lol: and i don't have a sliderule :wink: no calculators either... they need to know their multiplication tables :evil:

    Sex is like math add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and multiply... i get it now. except for that multiplication thing. I mean TomShane keeps bringing more and more "friends" so it seems like its multiplying but it just doesn't feel right. :(

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