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  1. alright in order... TomShane ill make sure to send a PM to him. But im kinda scared... the last time you told me to keep something our lil secret I wasn't very comfortable with it :(:oops:

    Smizzy... on any other board I wouldn't be afriad to answer that... however now im horrified.

    Panzer... :wink: Shut up. It'll come to me lol :wink:

  2. Football: Miami. So many 1st rd talents come out of here that I'd be bound to get notice. Didn't we draft or sign one of there back ups last year? Was it weaver or McClover that was the back up... and what ever happened to weaver? Wow. Tangent.

    Basketball: Louisville. I'm just biased cause my dad lives in Louisville and I consider it a second home. Pitino aint a bad coach either.

  3. roberto alomar spits maybe? im disturbed whether or not im right....

    he seemed more like a marlon brando look alike to me (major props if someone gets that joke)...

    how can i go about getting a posting title anyways? I'll do almost anything... just ask Tom about that night in his basement

  4. You know what'd be funnier. If they told you that they would reinstate after an hour...but then never did.

    That's probably what would have gone down anyways :( Dammit I need to distinguish myself on this board somehow... IM SPECIAL TOO DAMMIT! alright im done venting...

  5. sry to break up this love fest but I want a title too... as TomShane and Maxman's NAMBLA cosponser i deserve some credit for things done around here. So if it's not too much to ask can I be called The Most Useless Poster in Existence? I'd be honored.

  6. The man has a 90 something rating on madden... hes obviously the missing link for our SB run :lol: Tom Shane and Maxman... do i have permission to beat any 15 yr olds that come on this site and fill up posts with stuff like that? cause ill gladly do it to help out...

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