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  1. Though I would give years off my life to see you two together, I--respectfully--disagree on the hotness level of that chick. Those are some of the worst fake boobs I've ever seen. It looks like the doctor put them too high and spread apart. Once I know they are fake, it's a real turnoff for me.

    Trash my girlfriend again and watch what happens...

    I'll bring the thunder down on your ass

  2. Bart Scott is the kind of "mean" player this defense needs. He'll punch you in the mouth and then punch you again just as you're getting up.

    We have no one like that on our defense now.

    no thanks. Way to many personal foul calls.

  3. 1. A QB - Hand the reins to kellen, or mortgage the draft for bradford. If favre wants to come back trade him for anything. a 7th, a practice squad player, etc. Just say no.

    2. A D Co. - Romeo? A ryan brother? Someone not named bob sutton?

    3. A corner not numbered 22 or 34.

  4. when i got a underage drinking article 15 awhile ago I

    blew a .255. I was blacked out. I didn't remember that

    whole night. Now I drink a lot with buddies so I can hold

    my own, but even if I wanted to get into a car I don't

    think I could put it in drive at that point. She might need

    to get some help.

  5. Good question. This is a mini bump.

    Let's say robertson and vilma both make the probowl playing 110%

    of the snaps, and then we beat the broncos in the afc championship

    and the saints in the super bowl. Conversely (inversely?) what

    happens if mangold eats robertson alive in nov. and vilma gets


  6. YOU'Re a fan of PatsFanTex Fatz?

    lol im a huge fan of patsfantex. but i stand by this. most non jet fans are going to think we reek of desperation. when it turns out we make the playoffs and play half way decent, people will come over to the dark side. a final drunken note... favre would be desperation. pass on him! give it to kid clemens. or send our 3rd round pick for bollywood! im drunk and siging off for work.... good night jetnation

  7. alright im going to come out and admit that I'm a PFT fan before I continue.

    Umm... Im a PFT fan. Let's continue.

    In support of florio if you weren't a jet fan not all of these deals we've made have made

    sense. Before March if you had asked any Jet fan if it's a good idea to give Calvin Pace

    40+ mil you would have been laughed at. We also got a great DT, but one who hasn't

    been playing up to his standard. Regardless of how amazing Faneca will make our line

    (and I'm a huge homer when it comes to how good our oline will be this year) he's still

    getting older at the rate of 8 million a year. Also Favre would be a desperation move.

    Nothing good could come out of signing a qb that old who may or may not want to play

    after this year. Andddd we'd have to give up a decent draft pick.

  8. Why do people, mostly the media, mention this when talking about the new NFL season?

    According to the SOS formula the Patriots have the easiest schedule in the League.

    The Pats and Jets play 14 common opponents with the only differences being the Pats play the Colts & Steelers, while the Jets play the Titans & Bengals.

    Based on those two games who has the "tougher" schedule?

    It's a joke.

    don't forget the jets are included on that SOS. Because of the state of suck we were in last year that makes your SOS look a lot worse.

  9. if gholston is off the board and no one jumps at trading for mcfadden or ryan (or if they too are off the board) i'd be happy to trade down and not get "value" from the draft chart. Why judge a trade based on a chart made 15 something years ago? You don't have to over pay and even if you only pick up a third or a fourth thats still depth. Then again we don't know the jets draft board so maybe they think they are getting value at six.

  10. What would you guys think of a trade where we sent our 1st for their 2nd and lito? I think it'd be worth it, giving us enough value to trade back into the bottom of round one or sit tight and take two players in round two, plus a pro-bowl corner. Any thoughts?

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