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  1. i hope it is the real tomshane... NAMBLA hasn't let me into meetings without my sponsor
  2. i hope this happens just so your april fools joke turns into a prophecy
  3. hey not that i want to talk football or anything... but would anyone here be mad if brohm fell to us in the 2nd and we picked him? im a louisville fan (dad's side of the fam lives there) so thatd give me a lil hard on if we picked him. yeah we'd have no experience if we then dump chad, or an overpriced third string qb if we didn't but i'd still be all warm and fuzzy inside. p.s. now watch as this thread dies here quickly and without sound. I can't seem to write a post that gets replied to. oh well its high school all over again
  4. While driving from Louisville to Albany (now stuck in some podunk PA town due to i90 being shut down) I heard an interview he did on espn radio with john clayton. He seemed well spoken and confident without appearing ****y. He def. seems like a solid individual so he passes the mangini guy test. He spoke about how he played standing up and with his hand on the ground and how hes willing to do either for the sake of the team. I waver from hoping we draft him to dreading the fact we'd have so much money tied up in rush OLB's that havent produced at this level. Does anyone think we could trade down if he does fall to us? Does another team want him badly enough to trade up?
  5. happen this offseason? I'd love to sign Williams, trade a 2nd for Sheppard, trade down if possible and pick a receiver and LB in the late 1st and early 2nd. Another would be to announce that the Titans uniforms will make a comeback at least once this year so I can buy a jersey (good idea 124) Also I hope we do not sign pace. Thats gotbad juujuu written all over it
  6. i cant find anything about this on a lions site... for a minute i was actually optimistic about this offseason
  7. http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=6645
  8. this is now completly off topic but i thought you were talking about the giants on the cover of SI. The editors have to know the power they hold and instead of using it for the good of truth, justice, and the american way, they ensure a pats win by putting the giants on the cover.
  9. why is everyone on the nuts of Andrews and Gay? Yeah what we have right now isn't great but there are better lineman out there, and I'd rather keep dyson over gay. Someone enlighten me, while i go play some madden.
  10. he was our old line coach. We had some talent back then (Fabini, Mckenzie, Mawae, Thomas and... (fill in the name of the guard who went to Tampa), but he hasn't exactly been working with the best Oline down there and they haven't exactly been ****ting the bed. And no thats not backed up be any stats, i'm too tired to go looking lol.
  11. According to PFT Bill Muir's contract is expected to expire in Tampa. Any shot he comes home? We had a solid line with him, and he can't be worse than we have now? Why did we sign wise anyways? Miami's line sucked with him and it wasn't just the talent level.
  12. and god has seen fit to punish me for it. I'm going to lose my fantasy league championship because I started Jerry Porter over Jerricho. The one day a Jet exceeds the standard and I start Jerry Porter. Anyone else have stories of god punishing for betraying your team?
  13. so she charges the other three guys with rape (and they don't get convicted) but is she only filing a civil suit against elam?
  14. a little shameless self promotion but all i want on my 21st bday while stuck in the hell hole that is San Angelo, TX is a Jets win vs. the boys.
  15. because of language training im still not mos qualified... after training here in tx im going to meade. I'm goin to try to go air assault and get my ass down range though.
  16. to the history teacher or anyone else trying to fight apathy in america... convince them to go see Lions for Lambs. Then get those tools to go read Starship troopers (ignore the crappy movie; it used to be required reading at west point and its on the marine commandants recommended list). The book is probably the one factor that played the most pivotal role in me joining, even more than both my parents having served. The movie suprisingly isnt army bashing, in fact its almost the exact opposite.
  17. dont have internet yet where im stationed but i wanted to give you props for the PS2 decision. Why did they change the gameplay so much? and wtf is with the play selection screen. I dont want NFL 2K5 i want my madden 08 with bad commentary and great games. PM me your name... ill give you a shout out if i ever get in net in my room
  18. is that Bollywood under the David Carr article?
  19. Appearantly theres a trade for Randy Moss in place but no details. I know it won't happen but what if it was to the jets for a 3rd? He may not be a mangini guy but I can't picture better value.
  20. rich has been "reporting" things that fans have been saying all off season. All he has to report is common sense predictions. Not his fault since he needs to earn his pay check, but please stop posting these. It can't be thatttt slow where we need these.
  21. you are drunk. max please stop... you know nambla wont let us come to meetings intoxicated.
  22. damn PF... thats a **** ton harder than what i do. Still in AIT (gotta finish my language) and i only chose it cause it was easy. Seriously respect what you do and wish you the best... and if ur above E-4 just pretend im currently showing the proper courtesies.
  23. Just throwing out a line to see if theres any members of the military on here... or any airforce too.
  24. i skipped to the last page but does anyone know the numbers? If theres no signing bonus theres absolutly no risk in this, and even if there is one is probably fairly small. Not a bad move.
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