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  1. that sounds like an opinion to me... "he reports they need to", not that they are looking or that "sources" say they are looking for them. It's the middle of the offseason and he needs something to write. It happens. Im sure they at least want smith to go out and try to earn that spot, because the more he's on the field the less the defense keys on him looking for a 'slash' play.

  2. Hate america? A lonely soldier out on the west coast wants to watch a football game with his Jets, and instead they decide not to show a game. It's bad enough that every otherweek they show a 49ers or raiders game (Is there a rule where you have to show local teams? Because I can't imagine any TV Exec thinking those games are gonna pull in some ratings). And what the **** is up with the ****ing robots. Robots. Why? I can't understand it.

  3. Snakes on a plane be the best movie ever?

    I say because its called snakes on a plane, sam jackson said he agreed to do it just after reading the title (before reading the script), and after getting a pg-13 rating they went back and added more swearing and violence to make it a R. This movie is gonna be so bad it'll be great. Fantabulous.

  4. so drafting someone to block for the running backs and the quarterbacks is a bad idea? if you put peyton behind a bad enough line he'll look like crap... and we had/kinda have/ wont have for long a ****ty line. Mangold and Dbrick instantly make our next QB and running back better. In a few years clemens will be happy they were drafted.

  5. Maybe some reporter will relay that imformation.Oh wait,you guys don't care that the HC doesn't tell the media anything,so i guess not knowing what is happening with your team is a ok.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    herm told the media everything and helped turn us into a pile of PatsFanTX... that doesnt really mean anything but it shows disclosing info to the media and winning games arent connected. Does it really matter who had a good practice or whether a players injury is vaginatis or a strained hammy? yes but not to us. We should care about performance as a team and hope for each player to do his best... thats really all that matters. Keep me in the dark... I'm ok with that. It means no other team knows that info either.

  6. why do people get so upset about tx? "Cause it's a jets board?". It's an internet gathering spot with a bunch of people that you'll probably never meet. There's many more out there and when it comes down to it you won't find anything out here you couldn't find out at other boards (no offense max, smizz, tomshane where ever you are you sexy devil)... so many people post at so many boards that they all have the same amount of info within minutes of each other. TX is here because hes amusing for the most part, and some realize that hes just ****ing with you guys. If it didn't bother you so much he wouldnt respond. If he responds to your posts about him arent you just inviting him to write more? Chad has been injured for like 12 years in a row now... penny boy and noodle arm are pretty tame at this point. Do you realize hes never really come out and insulted people even when provoked (and theres a why is tx here? thread about 6 or 7 times a year)... he pokes fun at a time that in all reality has no meaningful affect on your life. He also pokes at the board mods, and pokes small animals. <--- thats how you should react. Gay jokes, beastality... etc. etc. Throw out a brady is a fag joke if you're really stuck for something. Insult belli's hoody. But complaining about a poster on a nfl board because he makes fun of your team, when hes already been accepted here? You can do better. try JI they seem like a good up and coming site.

  7. ahhh wth was that about? ungodly hour of 630? I wake up at 415 and dont bitch. 2 1/2 hours of practice is physicallying (i can't spell or insert a sad face here either) demanding but it's not like it's forced labor. She is the epitome of what is wrong with America. Whines and bitches about anything that is even remotely tough (even when it doesnt effect her personally).

    Mangini can get away with the whip-cracking tactics because the players know he can always fall back on the nine scariest words they could possibly hear in the non-guaranteed contract world of the NFL: "You'll do what I say. Because I'm the boss."

    dumbest **** ever. She writes like a highschooler(sp? again). Anyone who has ever written an article for this site writes better than her. Holy hey-zeus im rereading it to get more ammo and it hurts to freakin read. Actually painful. The whole thing about how hes kinda like parcells and kinda like belli... f*ing *#$*&. Doesn't belong in a legitamate (why cant i spell?) paper.

    He's disciplined. Thats it... nothing else. Think about it: if the players dont mess up they dont run extra laps. Easy concept... know your **** + execute = don't run.

    Fining players for talking to the media? Team rule says dont talk... so you dont talk.

    I've run out of steam but i'm gonna find a copy of that paper and take a mean Soothsayer on it...

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