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  1. Argh 124. I'll be forced to ignore it for most of the week so I'll gladly pass the reins on to you young jedi. I've given it a lot in my 12 hours of leadership. PM max for the info i guess. Just tell him not to change that bad ass password.

  2. I'll def. do it... hit me up with what I need. No love for the vinny background? I thought that made it a masterpiece.

    My only military duties now involve learning my language, so I have a lil spare time here and there.

    Someone from the jets read that article? Really?

  3. It wouldnt be all that hard to learn run blocking. Proper footwork isn't easy to learn and it would be a work in progress but when it comes down to it, just getting in the way can be as effective as pancaking them.

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