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  1. underage drinking. Though really we import underage people in there to drink.
  2. its my personal mission to get this one caught up.
  3. do you think this will ever catch up to word ass. in terms of hits and responses and what have you?
  4. I'm debating whether to list Rick Moranis. Little Giants ruled when I was younger, and it rules now for quotes like "You beat Kevin down cherry hill?" or "I call this play the annexation of Puerto Rico". All his other **** blew. Ass. A lot.
  5. List em here. I'll start off... Celine Dion.
  6. fatcatxl


    at least that not www.lemonparty.org
  7. just pick your MOS correctly. Or go airforce. Then you get to wake up at 7. We've done 5 mile runs and extra PT before the airforce gets up on some mornings.
  8. fatcatxl


    a lil off topic but Max can't you afford a new car with the 55 dollar yearly subscription we all pay?
  9. *cough* the army is hiring *cough*
  10. marko why dont the drill sergeants like me?
  11. dont forget that we can probably blame bradway for a couple years too...
  12. how did my innocent question spawn this?
  13. so he never comes back and visits as a non admin? Does this mean hes no longer sponsoring me at our NAMBLA conventions? So so confused... and hurt... and sore.
  14. what happened to tomshane? I was busy these past couple of months getting some job training in, and the last i heard he left and then started posting on JI... someone fill the dumb private in please.
  15. i had the same thing happen when i went to my proctologist visit
  16. Marko... how should i go about trying to convince Woody to let me start and captain a NY Jets cheerleading team?
  17. DRob is working on his rookie deal... he was slotted for that amount of money. As a #4 he'd be making top tier money no matter what team drafted him.
  18. You ever have a drill sergeant yell "Cheerleaderrrrrr get up here and cheer for me" ? in her weird jamaican accent? its very weird.
  19. Anyone wanna help me out and tell me whats happened so far?
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