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  1. finally......... im now a soldier. Im catching up on jetnews for the next two hours till my family gets here for family day, and tomorrow i walk on the graduation field. I found out theyre teaching me korean for my language so I guess ill be living in seoul for the next 5 years. Oh well...

  2. yes yes i understood that but not the sulphur grenades and something about your wife? hmm... I know a good therapist if you need one.

    p.s. did i spell therapist right? because it just want ro-ad on me. therapist = the rapist. wtf?

  3. Yessss! I love it!!! The pick? No...there's no way this rumor's legit. The fact that nobody has any fugging clue as to what the hell we're going to do in the draft, what we plan on doing with our pick, if we want more picks or higher picks or a QB or a RB or an OT or what color underwear I'm wearing (if any)...it all smacks of diversion, derision and manipulation. I feel like I'm back in college and trying to get a little action again. God, How I miss diversion, derision and maniplation. Or at least being the one who's using them to his advantage. I swear I'll find my wife's stash of sulphur grenades if it kills me. As far as I can tell, she's being supplied by my mother and my best friend. I figure if I can take them out, my wife won't be able to use her diversionary tactics any more! Hah! I'll miss mom though. Boy, could she bake.

    as soon as i find out what the hell that meant Im nominating it for potw. Well i understood the football parts... its nice to not have a gm and coach that broadcasts their intentions to the world. Besides that... huh?

    dammit i edited this then GOB said exactly what i changed it to... so i agree with him too. No need to piss off a cop.

  4. Bollywood was a stopgap fill in...how many times did D linemen bat his passes down? Too many to count...go watch the freaken film.

    Sure, he deserves a shot...why the hell not. Magnini is having open competition which is good, but don't expect this guy to be our starter...

    he still had what... a 56% completion percentage? not bad considering it was his first serious playing time. It obviously didn't hurt that badly... throw us a number on the batted balls.

  5. dude how does bollywood not get the shot? you take away the carolina game and he had 7 tds and 2 picks. God forbid he have a ****ty game in his 2nd start ever and only the 4th game with significant playing time. 72.9 isnt exactly lighting it up with the qb rating but remember Peyton had a 71.2 in his first season. Yes he was a rookie but seriously for all intents and purposes so was bollywood. No i'm not comparing the two but keep some perspective on the matter. On our piece of poo team the numbers he put up were respectable and deserve a roster spot with a chance to start.

  6. I see where you're coming from but at the same time I think Kendall will be the best FA guard available and when you look at it, how many 5th rounders pan out to be productive NFL players?

    good point but they'd still be trading a pick for someone who is nearing the end of their career. There might be some takers out there who think a solid guard is a big need and who think they'll be able to rework the contract.

  7. It's not just these little rinky dink websites.

    Are you saying Jetnation should get into the rumor business? jk max.

    I think the real reason I defend PFT is the fact that at the bare minimum they give me something to read everyday in the offseason. I'm just a lowly addict looking for his football fix lol.

  8. That's funny.

    Pro Football Talk does it's homework sometimes and they do hit sometimes on a few stories. Like if I worked at that website, I could have guessed in Decmber and pretended it was inside info that several Jets players were going to be asked to restructure their contracts come March 3rd. Something like "sources within the Jets front office have confirmed to profootballtalk that The Jets are expected to ask Curtis Martin to restructure his deal come March 3rd.....

    You see the thing that gets pft attention is their style of writing and their bs. If they just reported the generic news story. They wouldn't really be a news breaking type site. But if they attach phony sources to their stories, It makes it appear as if they have inside sources to The NFL and it's teams. That's what keeps people coming back to their site. If they just reported that Pennington is being asked to take a pay cut. It's not a breaking story, It's recycled but if you attach teammates call him an egg. Now you got something.

    They didnt attach any quote though. They just summarized a newspaper article then added their thoughts. A lot of their articles are just additional analyst on legit news stories from papers. However when they do break some news, it has a legit shot of coming to fruitation. They brought up the Culpepper trade thing, then the national media jumped on that.

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