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  1. assmop 100% on the money,,,

    why pay a guy who wont be the starter in 2 years when we are contenders,,

    Pshhhh... come on southern I used to have respect for your posts. We're the Jets. We'll alwaysssss overpay vets who are on the downswing of their careers. Get serious.

  2. Those quotes didn't come from PFT, they came from Canniwhatshisname. I like PFT. They did call the moss trade to the raiders before it came out(I think they even got the compesation right). Didn't they also get the power struggle in Cleveland? I'm not saying theyre always right... but when they talk I at least try to listen. Nothing in that particular post is actually a rumor, except the quotes which they didn't write or claim to have heard.


    As the New York Jets try to finagle a reduction in quarterback Chad Pennington's 2006 wages, some NFL observers are explaining that the Jets have no real leverage because cutting Pennington would give rise to a $12 million cap hit.

    We've confirmed that, indeed, dumping Pennington will result in a $12 million cap charge due to the $22 million he already has received under a contract signed in 2004. But cutting Pennington also will result in a savings of (you guessed it) $12 million owed to Pennington in 2006.

    Meaning that the net cap hit technically would be zero.

    But there's a minor twist. The Jets have the right to guarantee his 2006 base salary of $6 million. So if they keep Chad at his current wages in 2006 and guarantee the base, his cap number would be $10.5 million. Since cutting him would cost $12 million against the cap, the net cap hit as a practical matter would be $1.5 million.

    But given that the CBA extension likely will get done, cutting Chad now gets him off the books, with no cap charges in future years. And because no one expects the Jets to do much on the field in 2006, it might be wise for the Two Utes who are running the show to bite the bullet now.

    The bottom line here is that if Pennington refuses to take a significant pay reduction, the fact that cutting him creates a $12 million cap charge should not be an impediment to getting rid of him -- especially since keeping him at a $10.5 million cap number will require paying him $12 million in 2006, but taking a $12 million cap hit by releasing him requires the placement of no further cash into his already unjustifiably deep pockets.


    If the Two Utes in New York ultimately choose to dump Chad Pennington, they'll apparently have some support in the locker room. Per Mark Cannizaro of The New York Post, two members of the team's offense believe that the team shot chop Chad from the roster.

    "I think we should release him; he's too injury-prone," one player said.

    "He's like an egg back there," said another player. "I mean, look at the ways he's gotten hurt. He hasn't even been hit that hard. The injuries have come from awkward hits and falls. I think we should just cut him."

    Ouch. The fact that two members of the offense would speak out on an off-the-record basis (those cowards!) tells us even more about Pennington the leader than it does about Pennington the egg-shaped man who constantly falls from his seat on top of a wall. If there was genuine love for Chad in the locker room, these two guys would be supporting their quarterback. At a minimum, they'd be keeping their mouths shut.

    The fact that they're talking makes us wonder about the atmosphere that arose within the organization after Pennington went down (again) last year. Maybe coach Herm Edwards subtly put out attitude and/or vibrations that Chad is too injury prone, in order to deflect criticism for the coach's failure to shut Pennington down (as he should have) when it was known to the team in 2004 that he had a torn rotator cuff.

    Regardless, the fact that two members of the offense have detached emotionally from their supposed field general tells us all we need to know.

    It truly is time for Pennington to go.

    all that taken from profootballtalk.com

  4. our best hope is to find a partner and try to work a sign and trade. No signing bonus, but an option bonus for however much he'd get that would be due about a week after a trade is hammered out. or something like that. I'm honestly talking out of my ass.

  5. I think you also have to look at cultural influences... Skiing, hockey, etc. aren't exactly popular among african americans. Gumbel has had to have been skiing... every ski lodge in the country looks like a GOP convention, and he should know that.

  6. Brenda, honey, boot camp is not where you go to knock boots.

    shhhh.... let her believe what she wants :)

    Thanx Max. I'd send the envelope to the JN headquarters but I dont think the post office delivers to card board boxes in jersey.

  7. On March 2nd I'm heading out to bootcamp at Fort Jackson, SC. While I'm happy about this I have just recently realized I'm missing Free Agency and the Draft. My question is if there is anyone out there who would send me an analysis of our Draft and free agency exploits up to that time (Nothing hard-core just a lil something something to keep me a up to date). I'll send the envelope and postage and everything, so it'd really just be printing out something from the computer and poppin it into the mailbox. Any takers? A sad, puppyeyes smiley face would be good here. Come on pity the recruit.

  8. fat cat are you still banging them cheerleaders? did u ever flip one into the air and have her land crack first on your mouth?

    lucky duck......

    Sadly I never banged a single cheerleader, and unfortunatly i gotta answer no on the second one. lol maybe I was wasting my time cheering... oh well. So because cheerleading was unsuccessful for me I joined the army. Yeehaw.

  9. But, it seems to me that JI has become what it hated, so to speak. But, that's just how it goes down, sometimes.

    What do we hate? I just wanna know so we can avoid becoming it. I hate Oprah, Robert Kraft, and wet socks. I dont wanna become that. Weak joke I know.

    Hopefully this board never takes itself to seriously, the thinly veiled gay and/or sex jokes dont stop, and no one ever forgets we're all just a bunch of idiots with some common interests.

  10. Lets put the anger behind us and settle the beef with JI in the only true all american fashion... with a drunken softball game. Max you gotta challenge sooth to a game... loser buys the beer and needs to put a promo for the other site on the front page of their message board for a month. The only extra rule we need is that you need to slide into home if theres a play at the plate... i dont want Limo Jerome Bettising the JN catcher. (Can i fit a tomshane/catcher joke in there?)

  11. Just curious, if PennyBoy was so good in 2002 and 2004, what was his record against top 10 defensive teams?

    Seeing that he is 1-12 in his career against top 10 defensive teams, you can only conclude that in those two seasons he padded his stats against bottom-feeding defensive teams.

    cause god forbid he lights it up, and the D or any of the other 21 starters find a way to lose... we're the Jets. Losing is what we do, and we do it well. That argument could hold up if u could find some stats showing he tanked against those teams. Then to be fair and appease the jet fans, lets throw out the games he was injured. IDK the stats so they might support ur point, im just too lazy to find out. Still I hate when people base a qb on winning alone. There are 22 freaking starters on the field too. Yes the qb is probably the most important position, but if Brady had been on the jets how many super bowls would he have? None, and he would have stayed home and watched it with Vinny T. every year.

  12. I was thinking the same thing,,the Karma is finally comin back baby,,,

    A Ryan as DC fortells great fortune for us,,,

    the only thing we need now is a QB in a mink coat

    Can bollywood afford a mink coat on his salary? Plus he seems more like a PETA guy to me anyways...

  13. I know peeps from the old country check this site so this might get me band... but god damn i have never seen a bigger case of blatant ass kissing than between limo and sooth... actually its just on limos end. If i kissed that much ass here id be charged for sexual assualt.

  14. Tannenbaum is an accountant and already has a lot more say in personnel matters than you think. This was reported in JC a while back; An agent once asked Bradway about one of his clients and Bradway said "I like him, but I have to convince Mike about him."

    Mike Tannenbaum and Jay Cross have too much say in the organization; One is an excel spreadsheet expert and the other was brought in to help get the stadium built, but somehow the two of these guys are making football related decisions.

    AHHHH. Only the Jets. I'll tell ya.

    Couldnt Terry have been saying that he needed to convince Tannenbaum of a players worth? Tannenbaum might have tried to block a move because of cap ramifications which as the designated cap guru makes sense... If you take it any other way it sounds like tannenbaum has final say and not bradway.

  15. curtis' had a long run of about 9-15 every game. What was his long for the season? 30 something right? No way he gets 1200-1300 unless he gets at least that many carries. When you need all ur speed and quickness to get 3-6 yards on everyplay, then you lose it and try to come back from injury... ugh. Its also 945 in the morning and i havent had coffee. Maybe I'm just negative.

  16. Go patsies?

    You been smokin that Florida Krypto bud?

    if so can i get some? that stuff is the killa killa

    I'd like some so when i watch this game it might actually be enjoyable. My prediction for the score? 6-3 dolphins with nugent missing two FG's. However Bollywood will have 400 yards passing, and houston will hit 100 yards on 17 carries.

  17. Houston has three winable games left... arizona, titans, and the 49ers. If they can win arizona and Tennessee, then lose to the 49ers we have them and the niners beat out. Then we just need Greenbay to beat detroit this week and the #1 pick is locked up. This is going under the assumption that our team blows and cant possibly win another game this year. Go Jets.

  18. Why would it matter if they did leave out the phrase "Under God"? It wasnt originally part of the pledge anyways. Dr. Pepper doesn't pretend to be a Christian organization so why should they have to act like one? All the hardcore christians need to learn that the lack of a religious theme isnt the suppression of your religion... or any religion. I don't see any Muslims getting upset that the phrase Allah o Akbar wasnt on any soda cans.

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