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  1. If anyone thinks QB's are going in the first five picks they are nuts. One these QB's will have a bad combine and drop a down into the mid-teens and BINGO we have our QB. No need to even make a deal
  2. Interesting Francessa points

    They still need a #1 IMHO. A Dez Bryant, Julio Jones type of guy. Ideal for me would be to be able to find both the QB and WR in the draft but that is pretty unlikely. I would love to see a combo like Derek Carr and Amari Cooper that could be around for 10 years. Can't argue on the O-Line that needs to be addressed as well
  3. Interesting Francessa points

    I don't about them becoming a Seattle like defense, they still need to get a CB but they are getting better. My biggest hope though come next year is that they finally start spending some premium picks on the offensive guys like a QB or a Stud WR. It is not going to happen overnight but there are signs to me at least that show they are building something
  4. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Goodell is great at making money. Give him a dime he will turn it into hundreds of thousands of dollars. That being said he is a PR disaster. CTE Spygate Bountygate Deflategate Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Elliott, and of course the National Anthem protests all have been handled horribly. The players hate him, the fans hate him, the owners are starting to split over him.
  5. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    At 4-6 I see no reason why Petty should not be starting in two weeks against Carolina. McCown did a journeyman's job in getting this offense back into some kind of order, now let Petty finish out the season, see if he has what it takes to be a career backup and start looking at 2018 and go find a starter. Doesn't matter if it a kid in the draft, Cousins, Alex Smith or if the Colts are dumb enough (And they are) to deal Luck. Go find me a #1 WR in the draft and for the love of god please start rebuilding that OL. They stink
  6. Baker Mayfield

    Absolutely 100 percent on the money. There is ZERO defense played in the Big 12. I would be really leery of drafting any QB from the Big 12.
  7. Remember when..,

    I don't know what Morton is going to do when the OL gets b!tch slapped. Morton has done a good job with the talent he has been given. The OL is mediocre at best, The QB is a journeyman, 3 number 3 type WR's (Okay maybe Anderson can be a two). A running back that is a 1,000 years old, another that can't seem to stay healthy (Powell) and a 3rd that is a rookie.
  8. OL sucks today. Way too many penalties. Good thing they are facing the Bucs.
  9. Might want to wait and see how many underclassmen declare for the draft before starting to think about it. Then once you see one drop down at the combine (i.e. Watson) go find all the video (not highlight stuff either) actual game footage and make the evaluation from there. I would stay away from Big 12 QB's (i.e Mayfield) because they play ZERO defense in the conference. Darnold is not having the year I think alot of us expected so he may stay for another year. Rosen has not been all that either. No reason to worry about it now. It will work itself out during the off season
  10. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    This..... The 4:00 games I am usually in an out of. Sunday night, with the Baseball playoffs and now the Rangers I don't think i have watch a Sunday night game yet this year. The games have been really bad this year or just not interesting enough for me.
  11. Roy Halladay dead at 40 after plane crash

    Stay Classy Boston
  12. Nobody is running away and hiding so you might as well go for it.
  13. The Anthem protests have become such that even New England I don't think could sign him after seeing how the fans up there handled the protests. If Al Davis were alive Kap would have been a Raider a long time ago. Right now I don't think there is an NFL team out there that could sign him without a major fan backlash, or even a team fracturing if they did sign him. Pittsburgh there are rumors about that locker room having issues, The Giants ? No way, New England (see above) At some point though I do think Kap will be back in the league. Just gonna have to be with a franchise that is willing to deal with all the bullsh!t that it would bring.
  14. They could go Cousins, they could go Alex Smith Some of these QB's could drop. Everyone expects Darnold to come out, but with the year he is having I am not so sure now. McCown could get another one year team friendly deal Or Hack or Petty. Or maybe they dump a bunch of picks on somebody like the Eagles did to get Wentz and move up a few notches. That is really what you are looking at. This is not going to resolve itself in a year. I would like a QB but if it is Rosen only then maybe you go find a #1 WR in the first round. Whatever happens that first round pick better be an offensive player.