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  1. 30 for the NFL 35 million for the Jets
  2. been there a couple of times. Real Nice and the poker room is good. Waiting on the one in Kings Mountain to open. That is a bit closer
  3. To me right now the jets need a big WR, and a TE. They can get depth on the OL drafting in round 3-6. On defense they obviously need and edge rusher and a CB. That is what I would be looking at with those 4 picks in the first two rounds. After that go find football players cause they do need a bunch still
  4. Why can't you have an excellent offense and an excellent defense ?
  5. Last time I saw OL was part of the offense
  6. The packers had 58 yards total in the second half. Not exactly high octane
  7. Wait I thought we didn't need weaponz for a QB to succeed. Sheesh I wish people would make up their minds
  8. surprised the refs didn't flag the Bills for a hit on a defenseless fan
  9. Not the first time I have heard Patick Kane's name mentioned. Not sure if I would go that route cause it cost alot but I would consider Kakko as part of a package to bring in Kane.
  10. I'm not sold on OL if they bring Tardif back and move Becton to RT. ( And yes I don't believe they are going to cut bail on Becton) go draft Oline in the latter rounds Center can be had in FA. What I want from JD in the Draft (in no particular order) Edge - Match him with a healthy Lawson, Big WR - Go find me a Julio Jones or Chase LB or CB TE
  11. While I agree with the premise of the thread every game is different. You just saw SF basically shutdown Green Bay in the second half by getting to the QB and tackling and you saw the Bengals come up with a big turnover late which was the catalyst to them beating Tennessee. The Bills has numerous chances to get to Mahomes but a step here a twirl there a Dan Quisenberry sidearm throw over there it was just insane that they couldn't get to him. Meanwhile Josh Allen is plowing over guys and hitting alot of wide open receivers with Matthieu out with a concussion. Last night was alot lik
  12. They have been stacking the deck against the defense for 15 years. Joe D has a plan and he is going to execute. You are not going to change your plan because of one game. What that plan is ? I don't know. I am guessing he and Salah are looking at what the Niners are doing and looking to take that to next level and that takes time. I
  13. I don't think it would have made a difference. Bills get the ball they score a TD, Chiefs get it back they kick a field goal. Chiefs win
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