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  1. I sincerely doubt this. He knew the ship was sinking and was very smart getting out.
  2. If this keeps going like this I don’t think Gase will last the season. If I were Lawrence I would come back for a Senior year. He is not going to get better working under Gase
  3. Gase thinks he is playing Chess but he is really playing Chutes and Ladders
  4. If true then Gase should be shown the door. A 3rd year QB can’t audible into a possible better play ? Seriously ?
  5. Nothing in out of the question right now. Is Lawrence a good fit for Gase system ? WTF is Gase's system ? Right now after 18 games I have no idea. If I was Lawrence I would seriously consider staying in school another year.
  6. CB is weak, No Edge rusher, Why Williams went with Ogletree instead of Williamson is beyond me. And as much as people don't want to hear it they miss Adams.
  7. Well so far Brandon Shell and Jason Myers have looked good. Thanks JD.

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