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  1. I'll believe this is September.
  2. Well if that Saints vs Rams PI call was not breaking point then I don't know what is. The NFL is its grand mind wants to protect QB's and generate as much scoring as possible. In doing that they have (i won't say ruined) but really messed up a great game. I don't see how bringing in full time refs fixes this. The NFL right now is all about 1) protecting the QB 2) generate as much scoring as possible.
  3. Bottom line is Bengals had a chance to march down the field to win the game and their Achilles heel (OL) failed to hold up. Hope the Eagles smash’em
  4. That dude just cost the Bengals a trip to the Super Bowl
  5. Well let’s see what refs come up with is time
  6. NFL wants the Kelce brothers and Andy Reid going against his old team
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