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  1. Boone gets new 3 year deal as per MLB.com
  2. So wait a minute…the guy who is rated 62nd out of 85 just said that on National TV ?
  3. Caps are on a different level right now. They play much better against Dallas and Montreal. This team is gonna be good. Just need some time
  4. Honest question…..Does anybody like the NFL right now or thinks that it is better now than it was say 10 or 15 years ago ? Maybe it is because the Jets have been so bad for so long, but to me with all the rule changes to protect the QB and to generate more scoring has made the game totally unwatchable. There is no team identity. There are no Steel Curtains or Doomsday Defenses. There are no great rivalries like Cowboys vs Redskins, Raiders vs Steelers, Bears vs Packers where players legitimately did not like each other. Everyone now has to be the same. Well guess what it SUCKS.
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