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  1. Don't think that will ever happen as long as the Johnson's are running the Jets
  2. yeah but we are getting a better draft pick.
  3. Biggest waste of money EVER.
  4. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    That contract plus a no-trade killed any value the Marlins could get for him. Stanton basically fell into the Yankees laps. I was very surprised the Cubs did not get involved. The nice thing is guys like Judge, Sanchez, Bird won't hit free agency till 2022. Stanton has an opt out clause after 2020. So when the Angels or the Dodgers give Bryce Harper 400 million, Stanton is gonna look like a bargain.
  5. Yeah that probably would have been a good idea.
  6. "Hey Petty looks good."

    Btw the defense sucks today as well
  7. "Hey Petty looks good."

    Uh no. As we are seeing Petty sucks just as bad
  8. 1 PM Games Thread

    Colts vs Bills are playing in a blizzard. Awesome
  9. Analytics In Football

    I always wanted to know what Josh McCown's WAR is
  10. Wow I didn't know that this was going to be the last year a potential franchise QB was ever gonna come out. holy crap did the Jets screw up. Even if the Jets had the horrible season everyone was hoping and drafted that quote Franchise QB unquote half of you would be screaming how the Jets screwed it up after his first interception.
  11. McCown has had a nice year but hopefully the Jets are able to draft a QB who becomes a franchise Qb in 2-3 years.
  12. Jets offense has been great today. Until now
  13. Defense must be gassed.
  14. Geno Smith starting QB for NY Giants

    How can you make a fair evaluation of Geno or Webb when you offensive line stinks, your WR's are on IR and you haven't had a running game in three years ?