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  1. Just put in the old “in the grasp rule”
  2. shawn306

    Mo out for the season

    Gives him more time to smoke weed
  3. shawn306

    This offense

    This and then some. The Browns are going to win a few games this year. Heck the way the Raiders are playing right now I could see the Browns beating them in Oakland. Darnold had a rough game last night. Hopefully he learns from it (Which I think he will) and take it to the next game.
  4. shawn306

    McCown anyone?

    Please stop.
  5. shawn306

    Baker looked legit

    Darnold looked legit in his first game as well. Now he is struggling. The Browns are going to win some games this year. Their defense is good, they have some RB's and WR's. Just need some time just like the Jets to put it together. Mayfield made some real sick throws last night and put the ball in some incredibly tight windows. He will struggle though some tough games as well. They all do.
  6. Two on Crowell for throwing the ball into the stands and two on Johnson. What a joke
  7. Our defense is a stud pass rush away from being very scary
  8. If the Jets can't run the football it will be a long night. The OL against a blitz happy Browns defense is a recipe for disaster.

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