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  1. Sadly I got to see guys like Mays, Clemente, and Gibson at the tail end of their careers. Griffey Jr, Bonds (Pre-Steriods), were probably the best overall players I have seen.
  2. There is no salary cap in the NBA with all the loopholes to work around it. No team is out there cutting players because they have to get under the cap.
  3. The more things change the more they stay the same. SOJ
  4. No you pretty much hit the nail on the head. This team has pretty much been the NFL's version of the Knicks since 2012. No matter what ownership does it blows up in there face, time and time again. I always want this team to go out and just beat the living hell out of who they playing that week but most times it has been the Jets getting their heads handed to them. Embarrassing not only themselves on many occasions the past couple of years with inept and lackadaisical play and extremely poor coaching but alot of this fanbase as well. I hope the do well but I am not expecting them to be playoff ready
  5. This rule has disaster written all over it. You could have coaches challenging just about every pass play. I think at some point you need some kind of human element in the game
  6. If the Jets are 4-4 or 3-5 I could see it
  7. I think Casserly was the guy who recommended Mac and Bowles
  8. right now he is counting his money and thanking his lucky stars he didn't come here
  9. woody is exactly correct. Mac had to overpay because the Jets have been so bad and so unstable. Now you are going to have Gase in charge of player personnel like in Miami. The Jets are the definition of insanity.
  10. Bell might get traded before camp opens the way this is going
  11. This is a joke right ? How the F do you let your GM handle Free Agency and the Draft and then you go and fire him ? You cannot be serious. The Jets just made the Knicks look like a model franchise. They are never going to get this right.

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