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  1. If Rhule and Brady are as great as some people here make them out to be then that should be easily obtainable.
  2. Well I guess now that the Knicks are actually playing well Dolan has to find something else to F up. This team is close to being a playoff team. It needs some guys who can show all these kids what it takes to win when the stakes are high. Staal, Cally, Girardi when they were young had vets like Jagr, Shannahan and Rozival showing them. Leetch, Richter had Mess, Glenn Anderson, and MacTavish. I hope Drury goes out and gets some guys who knows what it takes to win the Cup
  3. This will change next year be rest assured. Could you imagine if Torts was still coaching this team. He would have gone nuts punching out the CAPS coach. Sending out Prust and Rupp to take care of Wilson and probably would have punched out Larry Brooks as well. This team needs some grinders next year no doubt. Guys like Prust or a Colton Orr to just go out there and keep their starts protected.
  4. Rodgers thinks he is in the NBA
  5. Not excited at all. Talk to me in about 3 years when we see what Douglass and Saleh have built around him.
  6. I think most teams right now lack the basic fundamentals thanks to analytics. Look at some of these team batting averages Yankees 205 Cleveland 209 Cubs 201 There is no reason at all guys like Hicks, Torres, Gardy, Frazier should be able to hit to all fields not just trying to pull everything over the fence. They don't steal bases, they can't bunt. If Cashman can't see that trying to jack everything over the fence and worrying more about exit velo than moving baserunners then he is clueless. Boone is nothing more than a Cashman puppet.
  7. If this franchise starts showing some signs of life things will get better. There has been too much crap that has gone on the past 6 or 7 years for me to believe that all of a sudden they are getting it right. Joe Douglass - Show me you are a capable GM Robert Saleh - Show my you are a capable HC Whoever the QB is - Give me reason to believe that whoever you are you are capable. Until I see that this franchise will continue to suck
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