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  1. shawn306

    Francesa's Remedy for Jets

    I actually like the idea of Arians of being the head guy. I'm tired of the 1st time HC. This team needs an guy who has been there before and know's how to develop a young QB. My list would start with Arians, and then Harbaugh if he gets canned by the Ravens or McCarthy if he gets canned by the Packers. I would not be surprised though if Arians went to Cleveland, took Bowles as the DC and the Browns then proceeded to go the playoffs next year.
  2. shawn306


    I’d fire him now. That was disgusting
  3. 30 years ago the Bills in here on a Monday and beat the Jets so bad that fans were piling up the painters hats they were giving away and setting them on fire in the upper deck. This has that feeling
  4. What a pathetic display of professional football
  5. shawn306

    Man you guys are reactionary

    To me it doesn't matter. Kid probably needs a mental break at this point. Let McCown play this week, you have the bye week and get Darnold back in there for the Pats and keep him in there the rest of the season. I wasn't expecting a playoff or winning season this year so to me this is about getting Darnold ready for 2019 with hopefully some more pieces in place.
  6. shawn306


    Which Jets am I getting ? The team that looked putrid against Miami or the team that played the Lions week 1 ? The Lions were awful last week with Stafford getting sacked like 10 times. If you give me the Jets who showed up week 1 I would bet my paycheck. If it was last weeks version then no I would not.
  7. Ha ha Jets fans are pissed even on those rare occasions where they win.
  8. The Jets are very close to becoming the Knicks. No matter what they do it blows up in their face. The NFL as a whole is becoming about as unwatchable as the NBA with all the changes they have made to improve scoring. Basically playing defense in either league is like asking a one-legged man to win an ass kicking contest. You got guys letting up up there so as not to get a flag and that is how you get hurt. I know alot of what the NFL has done is for quote "Player Safety" unquote, but this has become a joke. I basically now watch the Jets and maybe some of the Sunday night game depending on who is playing. I'm sorry but that is they way I feel. I don't want to see it go back to the 70's where guys were play on basically cement and running the football 80 percent of the time but what we are seeing now is way to extreme the other way, in the name of generating more points for the fantasy football geeks who on their phones 24-7 or watching redzone all day.
  9. You can add Carson Wentz to the that list as well
  10. shawn306


    I thought he would struggle alot because of the O-Line and his lack of a top #1 WR. I don't know if anyone listened to Boomer and Gio this moring but I know Boomer said he thinks at this point put McCown in for the Buffalo just to give Darnold a bit of a blow and let him watch and kind of reset himself and I agree with that. He looks like these 8 games have taken a toll on him with the O-Line being up and down. Your center can't get the ball back to him in a shotgun. Anderson, Q and Powell have been hurt and missed time and it looks like right now he doesn't know what to do back there. Maybe give him this week and the bye week off to recharge and reset and put him back in there against NE.

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