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  1. they have Darnold ahead of Eli and Roethlisberger ?
  2. 6-10 for me. They will be competitive in alot of games this year but they have no depth on a rather mediocre OL, and the major questions marks at CB. Hopefully Darnold show some flashes of potentially being a Franchise QB
  3. shawn306

    I have to ask this question...

    Should of kept Cotchery and Edwards and let Holmes walk
  4. Falcons will be a 4-12 team in a few years when they have to cut Julio and half the defense to make room for Ryan's salary
  5. The fact that he will spend a good part of tomorrow talking NBA will make me tune out real fast
  6. I wish he would just shut his mouth and blast guys going over the middle.
  7. shawn306

    Start vs Sit and Develop

    Everybody is different. I don't think there is a set way of doing this. If Darnold is ready week 1 then let him have at it. If not you go with McCown. My guess is that we will see Darnold before week 8
  8. If his defense sucks @ss or the players quit on him like they did in 2016 he will be gone
  9. shawn306

    Thank You NY Giants

    The Giants will make the push for Fromm in 2019 or 2020
  10. shawn306

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    Bingo !!!! Extremism is bad in all contexts. Exactly the reason why I cannot stand both sides
  11. shawn306

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    Looks like he deleted the tweet. That makes him a double douche
  12. shawn306

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    What idiot goes and digs into somebody's twitter account and pulls something out from 2010 ? Seriously ? I really hate what the world has become the past 8 to 10 years.
  13. This is not a bad trip. You could also head over to Comerica for Cardinals vs Tigers. There is also a Casino for degenerate gamblers.