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  1. They tried that and Bell got nearly got sent to the morgue
  2. Bart was right when he said "Z". Double FF maybe ?
  3. You now its funny Jamal talks and people tell him to STFU. Darnold talks about the offense being unstoppable and no one says a word
  4. I think last night was one of those nights where whatever Gase called was going to get blown up because they could not figure out New England's blitzes. If anything they should have thrown an extra TE in there or something just to give Darnold most than half a second.
  5. I honestly at this point don't know what even the NFL can do. Woody went to the NFL and got recommendations to help with a coaching search and was recommended Bowles and Mac. The Jets are the Knicks now. Whatever they try to do blows up in their faces. Hopefully Douglas can start bringing in some talent, get some protection for Sam and maybe 2020 they will be better.
  6. And it gets worse. Time to start playing the dregs of the NFL
  7. How about Sam getting them in the right protection ? I know the OL is bad but there Inman no way guys should be gettin in free every time
  8. Looks like Adams and Bell once again are the only ones to show up

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