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  1. Rays up two touchdowns. Friggin ridiculous
  2. 9.641 TD's 0 INT's 1200 Yards Rushing 11 babies will be named after him after week 1 Conservatives and Liberals will align as will all the planets.
  3. unless the Jets get some corners that can actually play the are not going to be good
  4. Hell the way the Jets have drafted the past 15 years, Sanchez could possibly be one of their best 10 picks during this era.
  5. I stopped reading after analytic statistical service.
  6. Where the F was that 10 years ago ?
  7. Adams is going down the OBJ path. Whine, b!tch be a diva but expect to be paid. I think Seattle let's him play out the deal and walk
  8. Yup 7 on 7 drills are a great way to tell if a an is going to be great.
  9. What is. 221 defense ?
  10. Man that Andy Reid must have really sucked as well. Stop pointing fingers and start point the thumb
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