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  1. I’m guessing because it didn’t work. But that’s just me
  2. The more boring the better. Run the football a lot and keep Jackson off the field as much as possible. Otherwise this game will be an utter disgrace
  3. That is who they have always been. From the time to Ray Lewis put on a jersey to today that team has always fielded a nasty, physical, punishing defense. That is why those games with Steelers were always great. Two bullies in a street fight. The only time the Jets were like that was when Rex was here.
  4. I have always felt that the beating Sanchez took from them in 2011 was the beginning of the end for him. It can be really ugly tonight
  5. Number of guys who finished the season on IR the last couple of years 2015 = 8 Ironically the last time the Jets had a good year. 2016 = 15 2017 = 16 2018 = 13 2019 = 14 and climbing ?
  6. 15 guys on IR, No Adams tonight, No Poole tonight, No Q, no Griffen. Yeah we have a great shot tonight
  7. Unless the Jets get the moon for Adams or Adams goes off the deep end.I can't see them trading him I can't see anyone shelling out alot for Bell based on this year. Can't cut him because the dead money would be too much So unless the Jets are willing to take nickles on the dollar I don't see Bell going anywhere either
  8. Gotta see what happens with German. Obviously he is going to be suspended for at least half the season but my guess is that he would be the fifth starter if available.
  9. It's funny that all Garoppolo does is win. Last year he tore up his knee and the Niners were awful. Maybe he doesn't put up the fantasy numbers that Jackson, and Mahomes puts up but he can be my QB anyday.
  10. Remember this summer when it was the Chiefs model that everyone should follow. Good Times

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