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  1. Great job by Mac moving up in the draft. Now just please pick the right one. I don't care who it is, just make the right damn pick.
  2. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    Too me this is not a big deal. This isn't going to be the last QB class to ever come out of college. This whole tanking stuff is a load of crap. You play the damn schedule and you finish where you finish.
  3. a deal won't go down until the last minute. Teams like the Colts are going to hold onto the pick until they get the best possible offer. It will be a deal that will cost the Jets dearly if they can make a deal
  4. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    The Jets at this point should just flat out cut him. No need for his off the field crap.
  5. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Like thesse douches
  6. Sign Kirk, draft QB

    I like the way this man thinks
  7. Seems like we get this every year. you get a defensive team like a Seattle shutting down Manning and everyone thinks we need to go defense. Now you get a shootout and now we need to be the Big 12. Just go out and be the best team. Plain and simple.
  8. Retrospect to 2009 2010

    And it was done it two years
  9. There's only one GOAT....

    Limousine ridin, Jet flying, Kiss Stealing son of a gun !!!
  10. There's only one GOAT....

    I always felt that Nantz was Brady's ultimate ballwasher but last night Collinsworth performance was an absolute disgrace. He swallowed buckets last night

    And five Super Bowl losses
  12. Mason Rudolph at 6? NJ.com

    big 12 Qb with gaudy numbers ? I'll pass
  13. This franchise really is snakebit.
  14. Revis' play deteriorated so badly between the knee injury and getting paid there is no way he goes in first ballot. Remember when he and Nnamdi Asomugha were regarded as the best CB's in the game ? Good times