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  1. I will make this simple F’em. Their day of reckoning is coming
  2. Fair. Just not ready to anoint Bell the greatest Jet.
  3. as do Wesley Walker, Al Toon, Freeman McNeil and Don Maynard
  4. I would like to see him play a snap or two before designating him best ever. But that is just me.
  5. shawn306

    What's the difference?

    Wait and see how the rest of free agency goes, then the draft and some more guys are gonna get cut loose because of the salary cap. Not a playoff team. But if they stay healthy they will be better than they were the past three years
  6. shawn306

    John Dorsey

    that would be zero sir
  7. shawn306

    John Dorsey

    The Browns are going to be either Scary good, challenge NE in the AFC or they are going to be 6-10, 5-11 with chaos running the franchise. It is going to be interesting to see how a rookie coach make all this work.
  8. shawn306

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    Bring in Berry and Houston
  9. shawn306

    Tyrod To The Chargers

    That will make Geno Smith available
  10. shawn306

    John Dorsey

    Not as a GM though.
  11. shawn306

    John Dorsey

    And he has how many trips to the Super Bowl ?
  12. shawn306

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Something the Raiders and Browns will never see.
  13. shawn306

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Great deal for Giants. Beckham is a tool. 1st round pick, 3rd round pick and Jabril Peppers.
  14. They read jetnation.com. Ok now seriously 1) this franchise has been a joke basically for the past 8 years. Knicks Lite. 2) ownership 3) a very negative fanbase
  15. shawn306

    Didn't want to bring this up but......

    Maybe they just hate Jets fans

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