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  1. Why would he want to come here ?
  2. shawn306

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    If the Jets are 4-4 or 3-5 I could see it
  3. shawn306

    Charley Casserly for GM

    I think Casserly was the guy who recommended Mac and Bowles
  4. shawn306

    Is it time to rename our owners...

    Dumb and Dumber
  5. shawn306

    Mac fired!

    right now he is counting his money and thanking his lucky stars he didn't come here
  6. shawn306

    Mac fired!

    woody is exactly correct. Mac had to overpay because the Jets have been so bad and so unstable. Now you are going to have Gase in charge of player personnel like in Miami. The Jets are the definition of insanity.
  7. shawn306

    Mac fired!

    Bell might get traded before camp opens the way this is going
  8. shawn306

    Mac fired!

    This is a joke right ? How the F do you let your GM handle Free Agency and the Draft and then you go and fire him ? You cannot be serious. The Jets just made the Knicks look like a model franchise. They are never going to get this right.
  9. Back when football was good
  10. shawn306

    Tom Shane is dominating

    You really need to stop giving Tom the root password.
  11. shawn306

    Fat Mike Fran

    He is basically turning into Pete Franklin who was the original evening drive host. That guy was complete ass. It really is sad seeing him going down like this. Him an Dog were an iconic duo who fed off of each other really well.
  12. To me the Jets were in a no lose situation. Either you were going to get arguably the best player in the draft or you could trade down and build the OL. I would have preferred them to trade down but with no top QB's in the draft that were worth trading up for the Jets did the right thing in taking Williams. Now the rest of the draft ? I'm kinda meh on. This team has such a lack of depth that picking a CB who has not played much because of injury did not make alot of sense to me. To me that was a wasted pick.
  13. shawn306


    I bet you say that to all the sixteen year olds
  14. shawn306

    Terrible Picks

    You’re awful at being a fan. You should be released
  15. shawn306


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