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  1. I am hoping that now that they have a series under their collective belts that the Rangers we see are the Rangers that we saw all year. Really want to see Shesterkin kick his game back up to his Veznia Trophy winning state. They may not win this series but I just feel like somehow they do. Rangers in 7
  2. So it looks like the Canes are going to try and limit the Rangers fans attending games in Raleigh. There are probably more Rangers fans in the area than Canes Fans. https://www.yahoo.com/now/fans-outside-north-carolina-area-204551696.html
  3. The guts of this team cannot be questioned. Down 2-0 in game 5 win Down 2-0 in game 6 win Down 3-2 in game 7 win. This young group got about 5 years of playoff experience in one series. I don't know if they will beat the Canes but it would not surprise me if the did. I am also gonna give some credit to my home Brad Richards jersey which is now 4-0 in the playoffs
  4. Well I guess this is the way it has to be. more agita
  5. That is because Penguin fans are little whiny bitches who should suck it
  6. There was a post on twitter that it was after Mika missed on the breakaway.
  7. Glad I was wrong. great to shut those Pittsburgh jag offs down
  8. Good comeback but man can Shesterkin make one big save ? Bad feeling this is not going to end well
  9. No Crosby tonight. Igor needs to come up big tonight
  10. Still think Shesterkin was a little shaky in the net giving up way too many rebounds and the missed pass that got the Pens their 3rd goal was not good at all. I totally expect that if Crosby is out that Trouba will get at least 1 game suspension. I don't know if the hearing is today or not. Total BS. And hats off to Lindgren last night. Playing hurt, gets tweaked but comes back. they looked like a different team out there last night than the last two games. Now comes the hard part. Winning a game 6 in Pittsburgh.
  11. Pretty much a joke period. Pittsburgh is dominating faceoffs, nobody is making Pittsburgh pay for getting in front of Igor. Just sad right now
  12. I'm no going to kill Georgiev, he should have had it but it got by him. You scratch back and get the game to 4-4 going into the 3rd and you have 2 power plays and you don't score on either ? That was the game right game right there. I am feeling this is going to go 7. This team is so young. Alot of this stuff a majority of these guys are going through this for a first time. 1) First playoff game at home 2) First playoff game on the road. They are still going to have to go through their first elimination game be it with a lead or up against the wall. If the Rangers are going win this series they have to tighten up defensively and Kreider has to get back to the front of the net and start causing mayhen again. I think the win tonight and Wednesday.
  13. Just shoot the puck more. Don’t keep trying to make that extra pass if you have an opening. That’s why I love Frankie V. Get the puck and fire away
  14. Show me on the field. Otherwise this is nothing more than propaganda
  15. Your prediction is still on track. No worries.
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