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  1. I still believe we are starting the year 0-4 That being said, the only thing that really matters to me is how this team looks in December and January. Is the OL protecting Wilson better Is Wilson getting better. Is our WR corp Davis, Mims, Moore and Crowder Is our defense playing like a unit This was going to be a season of Saleh getting his program in place so I was not expecting alot considering all the damage Gase did to this franchise. Talk to me in January 10th after the Bills game
  2. and Denzel Mims can't get on the field cause he doesn't know the playbook ? Looks like our TE and Barrios have no clue either
  3. This team needs move its training facility back to Hofstra. Too many guys getting hurt in Jersey
  4. Wait wut ? I thought this league was all about the QB
  5. The team makes the QB The QB does not make the team
  6. shawn306

    RIP Savage69

    Aw man this sucks. Rest in Peace
  7. Wow another QB guru. Got it figured it two games. How come NFL teams don't sign you as a scout ?
  8. We have no class We have no class We have no class We have no class
  9. Damn I never saw so many QB gurus on one message board.
  10. Probably want to give Crowder one more week. When Mims figures out the playbook then he will play.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/playstation/comments/mpnl41/comment/hcr23dh/ seems legit if you believe reddit
  12. The fact that they are asking for your mother’s maiden name would be a real big red flag to me. If you hover your mouse on the email address you got this from it should tell you something
  13. 1) I expected a loss. I expect them to lose the next 3 as well. 2) OL play was atrocious 3) OL is going to need some time to gel. I know people don't want to hear it but it is true. Once they start working well as a unit the running game will get better and Wilson will more than a nanosecond to drop back and make a throw without having to run for his life.
  14. Or getting your QB in the right position
  15. That is it. If this team is playing good football late November, December then the year will be a success. this week to week State of the Union Address has got to stop. based on what we saw yesterday Jameis Winston might be the greatest QB we have ever seen
  16. Bad OL play can make a lot of people look bad
  17. well considering the pre-season is now a total joke teams that are rebuilding pretty much have to use the first 3 or 4 games of the regular season to get an OL to gel, get a defense playing in tune. The only thing I took out of the Jets game yesterday was that they got their lunch handed to them in the first half and then was able to turn things around in the 2nd half. To me that is a good sign. I still think they are starting the year 0-4 but baby steps for now. I think later in the year if they stay healthy they will be better
  18. To me they came out tight but when you have alot of young guys, many of which were making their NFL debuts I can understand it. They looked better in the second half. OL basically did not look any better than it did in the last two years. Alot of that I think is the fact they basically had no time together in live in game situations against another set of 1's. It is probably going to another couple of weeks before we have any idea of what we have here. Zach: Up and Down. The INT was tough and it looked like after taking the beating he was starting to get a little skiddish but he was
  19. The more things change the more they stay the same. SOJ
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