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  1. Jets 13 Raiders 17 A sloppy game chock full of sadness
  2. dickkotite

    The Scotch/Bourbon/Rye/Whiskey Thread

    And why does every other bottle have the word GLEN in it somehow?
  3. dickkotite

    The Scotch/Bourbon/Rye/Whiskey Thread

    Well i went to a huge liquor store to buy that bulliet stuff but they had a tiny selection. So i bought this for 20. It came in a nice box. It seems ok....it has a nice aftertaste like 5 mins later. I dunno. Is this crap? 20 sounds like entry level like icehouse beer F i cant uploada pic to this crappy site. Its called speyburn highland single malt
  4. Rex n effect is correct, but overthinking. Dont assume a 1/4 inch tape will sound bad. Analog recording can blow away cold digital crap. You are not giving enough info though. Do you have a 1/4 inch player? Start with that. Assuming you do now we have to get it into your pc. Quite frankly, if its really important to you, you can buy a digital interface used for 50 and sell it for about the same when your done. Also, if your tapes are old they might play nicely and suddenly start squeaking and youll find tons of oxide on the heads. If this happens ill tell you how to fix that with your oven or a food dehydrator. Trust me, im an analog freak. I used to be in the analog tape industry
  5. dickkotite

    Beer Snob Thread (Craft beer)

    yup thanks
  6. can we get drunk in the parking lot together
  7. dickkotite

    Boat owners

    thornton no!
  8. Ok so u r not the dude who always started in with me.....welcome
  9. dickkotite

    Boat owners

    Canoes count. If it floats its all good
  10. dickkotite

    Boat owners

    ive owned a cc 26. Nice classic
  11. dickkotite

    Beer Snob Thread (Craft beer)

    I love stouts and porters but the extra hoppy stuff is really my fav right now. Love it. I cant remember my usual now...the company is green something
  12. lol Me a redneck? Im wearing my rolex and i have very expensive cheese from europe
  13. 1983 roadster ironhead. Might buy a 2005 sporty soon....
  14. The real sar1 was great. You didnt like him but i did. The fake sar1 does a funny enough job to be interesting but i cant belive warfisg fell for it hook line and sinker. First off, sar1 NEVER responded me on ji. Ever! Now he just did.... "He"
  15. Nope im in Tampa. Jets might make a wildcard

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