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  1. C'mon people.. No mention of X-Files?! Now I know why I stopped posting here!
  2. We could go to Mexico you the cat and me. Or just you & the cat. Either way.
  3. Your internet persona is so cute!
  4. Oh, you know, here & there. And I'll probably vanish again for another year.
  5. Short of burning the joint down, I think I'm safe.
  6. ooh, you're super modest? So am I. We'll get along great!
  7. I was going to see this until you ruined it for me, Tom. Thanks.
  8. Are also too caught up in Crushlove to notice!
  9. I don't like this. I don't like this at all.
  10. I'm genetically gifted and I eat lots of junk food.
  11. Just kidding. But seriously, it's still owned/run by Max so how new & improved can it really be? Discuss.
  12. I don't think JN is ready for a woman, although I DO appreciate the nod, SoFla! Thanks! I vote for Max. He's excellent at reading. Private messages.
  13. I want him back. He's hot. (obligatory chick post).
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