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  1. My iphone keeps drudging up a ton of old email messages. Anyone know how to stop it from doing that? It's way annoying.
  2. Did you write this before or after you unhated me?! lol
  3. Good, i can go to bed now! lol
  4. Of course not, all your blow up things are INSIDE! lol
  5. The other kind? I don't get it. Please explain. In detail. lol
  6. Don't be so sensitive. it's totally ok to live vicariously through your more talented children!!!
  7. It's easy for the sports talking heads to pick the beloved Pats.
  8. I don't get it. Please explain. In detail.
  9. Only against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning
  10. I didn't see that. But then, I'm a chick.
  11. You're one of "those" parents, eh?
  12. Verde

    Big News

    To be serious.. congrats again.. fun time! Just remember.. the only thing people will really remember about your wedding 1) food 2) good or bad music. Nobody will remember the flowers, her shoes, ice sculptures, etc.. save your money for the honeymoon!!
  13. Why, is that when you make the official announcement that you're Transgender?
  14. So what. Didn't seem to make much difference when they lost Tom Brady and Welker.
  15. It's the wind for me. Fvcking wind in 40 degrees or less SUCKS.
  16. Verde

    Big News

    Strange.. she actually wants your input?
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