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  1. A serious post from T0mShane; Ima go play the lottery.
  2. Don't mess with Jimmy's appetite, yo! But happy birthday, anyway!
  3. So I'm re-watching the game on Tivo and THERE SHE IS!!!!! Wasn't even aware of this thread!
  4. He's very handsome! Thank you for posting the pics! What's his name? Didn't want a dog that would compete with my Cinny for our attention; wouldn't be fair to her. Ridgebacks are more independent so it's a good match. We'll have another Dobe some day, for sure. What? Oo
  5. Ewwwwwwwwwww @ the thought of Tiger Woods 'exposed'
  6. He's gonna be a BIG boy... 1st day: 1 month later: 2 months later:
  7. It's awesome, gg.. I almost feel bad that Cinny has missed this kind of companionship for so long; Luna was never a dog's dog and the two of them just co-existed. Honest typo; we all know you're gay.
  8. Yes, please post pics! Everyone I know who has one or knows of one says the same thing about Ridgeback's! So far, so good! He's much more laid back than My Doberman but I'd say that both breeds are aloof with people outside of the family.
  9. Thanks! He's very mellow and gets along well with the other pets!
  10. Some of you may remember that I lost my old girl, Luna awhile ago. Her absence has been very difficult; a new member to our tribe was inevitable. This is "Zero", a Rhodesian Ridgeback. he's 4 months old in this pic..
  11. I'm still waiting for an "I HEART VERDE" tattoo on your a$$.
  12. Candy corn tastes like sweet wax.
  13. I would totally own a mini-giraffe if I was rich. LOVE the commercial.
  14. Nope; I'm not a big fan of alcohol.
  15. For a professional analyst, Kim Jones always seems star struck. I'll end it at that.
  16. Happy birthday to one of my all time fave JN'rs!
  17. My apologies for being late to my birthday thread; personal issues and a stomach bug had me tied up a for a few days. Thank you all so much! Esp my fellow Leo, gg, for starting the thread (Happy birthday to you too)!
  18. Hey, at least we'd have a built in excuse for not getting to the SB.
  19. I really appreciate the personal message.. it's been a hard week. Thanks.

  20. Thank you so much for such kind words.

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