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  1. Yea, to my knowledge shopping for clothes is called.... wait for it... clothes shopping! lol Nice try!
  2. Take Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements. That's what I give my old dog for arthritis!
  3. Verde

    I miss gg

    You're both fantastic ladies!
  4. She probably meant clothes shopping. So, yeah, I've been with other women. lol
  5. Thanks, JFiD. I'm straight but getting a compliment like that from a sexy lady is a huge compliment.
  6. Thanks, Nao! You're the best! <blushing> Huge compliment. I'm a little turned on right now! lol Phil.. thank you. If you ever open up a coffee house and need a logo, I'm your girl! bwahaha! THANKS, EVERYONE!
  7. First I want to say, 'Thank You" to everyone who voted! I got SO MUCH positive feedback from so many people, I am truly humbled. The voting is over and both of my logos are on top by a HUGE margin (as they have been the ENTIRE contest). Announcement should come relatively soon, I would think. Fingers crossed the powers that be do the right thing. -Lyn
  8. Not sure why Tom is so mean to me. Wait. yes I do. lol Extended voting til midnight Sunday Help me win this Jets family...
  9. *bump* Only a few hours left. If you haven't voted, there's still time!
  10. Come on guys.. just a few hours left. I'm still ahead slightly but it feels just like I'm watching a Jets leading by a field goal in the 4th qtr. Help me get that last touchdown & put it away!
  11. I guess we won't know unless I win. So go vote for me!
  12. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it. I hope I win; it would be great exposure for me. (Not that kind of exposure!)
  13. Verde

    I miss gg

    Agree. And I'm saying this KNOWING she's a lib! (lol Love ya gurl!)
  14. You know way too much about this!
  15. Happy belated birthday to the most esteemed male poster of JN.
  16. If I win the contest I'll put a face pic up. So if y'all want to see it VOTE JetNation (I need higher than a 7.6 rating.)
  17. GENIUS!!!!!!!! Awesome slats! lol Thank you so much!
  18. Haha on the inside joke! lol Yes, those would be mine! Anyone so compelled to help me out and give me a high rating, I'd appreciate it! **** Normally I'd agree with OP but this camp is a good cause but more important the amount of exposure/publicity it would generate for me (my business) if I won would be worth it's weight in many many hours worth of work! Vote for me, my lovelies, and if I win I'll owe you...something! http://www.manassyme...atherford/2011/ #6: #5:
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