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  1. No way this thread makes it to 6 pages; maybe not even two. Therefore, I had to break etiquette!! If 'fickle' is a euphemism for busy than yes I'm extremely fickle.
  2. You can't possibly miss me, you're gay.
  3. I used to work in Red Bank. Nice town. I have to walk my dogs that weekend, though. Sorry!
  4. MacGyver or one Superman. Either one.
  5. Ditto. I can put hot sauce on almost anything. (I said almost).
  6. I vaguely remember you talking about a delicious bacon donut once.
  7. Not blaming me for a change. Interesting.
  8. This thread is useless without pics. I think.
  9. Someone needs to fix you; you know damn well my joke was funny!!!!! Wet blanket.
  10. Good. Now all we need is for Progressive to dump Flo and Geiko to dump the Twilight Zone dude.
  11. OMG THAT'S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! That you watch pmsnbc.
  12. I have a feeling this is sarcasm.
  13. It took an 8.9 earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear power plant failure to get rid of Charlie Sheen. Wow.
  14. Are you calling Greenbeans what I THINK you are calling him?
  15. I'm going to Hell anyway so why suffer any more than necessary while on earth?! The answer, therefore, is nothing.
  16. Happy birthday, John! Hope all is well!
  17. Bwahahahaha... You bastid! lol I have no idea what the black keds joke is about but I believe your exact words were "knock out". Bastid. lol.
  18. One thing I can add to this thread. Prince William is no longer cute.. Apple didn't roll too far from the tree of Charles.
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