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  1. God I LOVE a sensitive man.....Stop it Tom...you're turning me on!
  2. Good Lord, we're all in trouble!
  3. Who was the 1st? http://theredzone.org/news/showarticle.asp?ArticleID=2328 Thanks for the link RJ.
  4. How do you guys ever manage to post here with all of the work that goes into this thing? Sounds good. Can't wait.
  5. PFSIKH...giving out compliments? Now I feel the need to be nice to you...and I hate that!
  6. NEVER NEVER NEVER...I'd rather stick a red hot needle in my eye! troublemaker!
  7. Um...PAul..Jets board...Hello! Just teasin'!
  8. Excellent post. Pats fans make it sound as if the Jets have a JV kid taking snaps!
  9. Holy crow Meddle! I needed a cyber bookmark for that post!
  10. Doug, Welcome! Hey Max... That was my question...WTF? It's hard enought to get a bit of fb respect here...being a broad and all!!
  11. Because there would be alot of unhappy Irish people!
  12. There are plenty of QB's in the NFL that don't have canons. All I'm saying is that I'm confident that Heimer will find a way to make Chad as productive as he can be. Quite frankly I'm most stoked about not seeing 3rd and long draws anymore! You & I both know not being so god damn predictable on offense is a 100% improvement period. Noodle arm or not! :wink:
  13. TX Yes, Chad's shoulder is a question mark, no doubt. So we really can't even speculate about anything until that story plays itself out. When healthy, I have no problems with Chad. He did just fine "airing it out" to Randy Moss at Marshal. I'm extremly confident in Heimerdinger. I don't believe it's gonna be ALL about the passing game and I think he will adjust to the players strengths. As far as that 1:1 ratio, just remember that not all teams have a Troy Brown in their backfield!
  14. Agreed. But could you imagine having THAT much money that you could start a little side project like that? I'd be willing to bet he'll be one of the first wacko's up in the stratosphere..the guy is a crazy Mo Fo!
  15. PLEASE TX...spare us the negativity, K? Anything non Hackett gets us excited....we don't have 3 superbowl rings to gloat about. Getting giddy about these small things is all we have. Give us that would ya?
  16. ME TOO. I am so stoked about seeing a change in offensive philosophy...
  17. Maybe because of my dislike of the Dolphins but I never have been too impressed with Fieldler and would say to pass anyway on bringing him in as a backup. faba I'm not sure how I'd feel about that but I'm confident that anyone who comes in here will be a formidable backup under Heimer. I wonder why it takes the Jets so long to get out of the gate to cut/go after players?
  18. I knew it wouldn't take too long for Tom & Max to be hurled into this!
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