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  1. He's just stirring the pot. You know me better than that. O:) And GreenGal should know me better than that. What good is a message board with no drama. Need drama people. Even if I have to make it up myself!!! Max, Max, Max..
  2. hey?? what did i do??? vg what are you telling the guys??? you watch it girl ...i know things He's just stirring the pot. You know me better than that. O:)
  3. Max Stop causing trouble or no graphics for you! GG DON'T listen to him.
  4. Hear that Smizzy? I talk, they listen....you'd better watch yer a$$....ha ha ha
  5. It's supposed to grab attention, i think, right? okay, let's go back to pink!
  6. Maxman While we're on the asthetics of the site.. Diggin' the yellow stickies! they do grab your attention.
  7. Oh for cryin out loud would SOMEBODY please give this girl some Indigo somewhere before she has a heart attack!!!!!!!!!
  8. Who doesn't like a man with soft hands?????????
  9. Funny! Thanks. When this site is buying ad space on Superbowl Sunday someday, I will definitely will take you up on that!
  10. apologies to faba! It was all Smizzy's fault!
  11. I think I hear your newborn son crying...you'd better check it out!
  12. Tom What kind of graphics do you have in mind? I am an illustrator, so I initially think "design". but this thread has gone in 2 different tangents. Plus The words "hot" "graphics" and "prostitute" can be misconstrued! I'll say yes no or maybe depending on how you clarify! :wink:
  13. Ok, I get it. My bad...............very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  14. That was YOU behind the bushes?
  15. Forgive me but, Say what?
  16. In the words of a famous gardener..... Ya can't squeeze blood out of a turnip? There will be no sales on my part, i guarantee. Well it is copyright protected anyway...but i totally trust you!
  17. Verde you have made all of my fellow Steelers fans green with envy over the avatar you created for me. I can't thank you enough for it. I'm gonna get it blown up and printed for a poster and iron on for my tee-shirts. A bunch of us meet in training camp every year and i'll be showing it off there! T-Shirt? Wow. That's quite a compliment! I'll have to sue you if try to profit off of it, however!
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