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  1. Where are the mods, you ask? Prolly.. ahem.. "busy" with the porn Pooha posted. lol
  2. Happy 6th! Did you like the gift I gave?
  3. Oh oh.. I thought you already had it done. No curling in your immediate future, eh?
  4. Bwahahaha. Wait. Why am I in this thread?!
  5. Hope the rehab is going well. Not sure what I'd do if I didn't have use of my drawing hand. That sux!
  6. I think you'll need to do a little better than that to get the lounge back to the way it used to be.
  7. Larz donated to an animal shelter and it was ok so... PS: Max. Dooshie.
  8. Since Larz donated to Daws, I figured it wouldn't be a crime to donate to a charity that I care deeply about..
  9. Do you know if any of those charities accept PayPal? Remind me again of our side bet.. I forgot about that one too, apparently.
  10. I'd say your beef lies more with old man winter. Kick him in his snow balls!
  11. I didnt forget about this.. wait.. I totally did. lol Was there an updated charity list? I just wanna make sure b4 I choose one! Thx!
  12. I'll say something rational. You're a tool.
  13. Well fabulous, we agree on something. End of pointless argument.
  14. Is it my imagination or is Garb in a bad mood?!
  15. I was illustrating how immature you seem to be and how inane your last comment was. Figures you wouldn't've made that leap. And ditto.
  16. I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?
  17. I was just saying that it gave me a bad feeling. Turns out my bad feeling was correct. Means nothing beyond that. And as for superstitions, I realize they're silly but even coaches and players have their 'rituals'..
  18. My dogs love it and get a ton of exercise so I'm good with it!
  19. I didn't say that, azz. And you're right, there's no such thing as bad karma.
  20. Someone (forget who) was taunting about donating the Steelers hats & shirts to Haiti and I had a really bad feeling the comment was gonna be horrendous karma.
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